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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. Solrighal

    Thank you for the welcome. Yes, there's a certain element of karma about tubes that excites me. I'll go do some research. I have no idea where to buy, what to buy etc. But it looks like fun.
  2. i luvmusic 2
    Told you so....
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  3. Solrighal

    I know my friend. In all honesty I couldn't remember where I'd been told that or who told me. Many thanks though. I am home.
  4. Solrighal
    Man, this is a long thread. Can anyone recommend a retailer of the Little Dot L1+ in the UK?
  5. hsubox
    Just a heads up, I haven't yet found tubes for the 1+ that play well with the Q701. The basic EF91 that I got mine with sounded pretty terrible (way too shrill and peaky). The Voshkods that work so well with my Grados are just fair with the AKGs.
    I'm still on the hunt, but until then, I much prefer the Fiio E09K with these headphones.
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  6. Solrighal

    Oh, that's a worry. I kinda thought the warmth inherent in some valves would create a nice synergy with the sometimes clinical sounding AKG's. Do you know if this is a problem specific to this particular valve amp & the valves available for it or a more general problem with valve amplification and the AKG's?

    Either way, I appreciate the heads-up.
  7. gibosi
    Of the stock tubes, I recall the EF92 as being quite warm and laid back so they might be worth a try....
    To my knowledge, if you want to purchase new, it is best to purchase directly from the manufacturer, as otherwise, you will not have the manufacturer's warranty.
  8. i luvmusic 2
    IMO Some tubes need a longer burn-in time than others so before you judge a tube let it  run for atleast 24 hrs .You can try 6HM5 Yugoslavia they are $5 per tube  you can't go wrong with that price.My favourite tube for my 1+(for Q@#!) is the Marconi 6SN7 GTB, 6HM5 Yugo and Tung-Sol 6CS6/EH90 just to name a few.
  9. Solrighal

    Thanks for the valve recommendation. I've been researching all morning and it does seem as though direct from China is the preferable option. I'm slightly worried as to import duty to the UK, I know Wastemonster screws us for everything else so buying a 'boutique' product from China is most likely going to result in a bill. Still, not much more of that to put up with for us lucky Scots :wink:

    Aye, I imagine with tubes, more than anything, burn-in will definitely be an issue. Thanks for the heads-up regarding possible valves suitable for the Q's.
  10. i luvmusic 2
    Just to remind you  my Q is Modded so it will sound different from  stock.
  11. i luvmusic 2
    It's Spring time cleaning my Desk is cluttered with equipment  and wires/cable anyone thought or have done transfering the LD 1 into another case.My idea is to put the LD in a bigger case with my External Power Supply.Anyone gutted a LD before?
  12. gibosi
    If anyone has done this, they haven't posted anything here, so I suspect that you are on your own. It shouldn't be all that hard, I would think, especially if you know what you are doing. However, that leaves me out, because when it comes to electronics, I know just enough to get into trouble, but not enough to get out of trouble! lol 
  13. MunkyOne
    I am playing with the idea of a larger case, as I find the existing one too cramped for circuit modding.  After adding a few more components and upgrading others, it's very tight.  So I am considering either a metal chassis, with wood case, or a fully metal case, similart to, but larger then the original.  I also find the front panel a little cramped, with the HP socket so close to the volume knob.  So I may liberate the HP socket and power LED from the PCB, to facilitate using a larger front panel.
    When you said "to put the LD in a bigger case with my External Power Supply", did you mean that you intend using the amp with a different PSU?  Or do you mean to accommodate both the LD1+ and another power supply in a single case to reduce desk clutter?
  14. kvtaco17
    I mounted a transformer case to the front of my LD1+ to act as a housing for my tube adaptor AND as a place to mount my external DC circuit.
  15. kvtaco17
    He means a external PSU for the LD because in our modding a lot of us needed more current or voltage to run more exotic tubes.
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