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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. Melvins
    I feel as if that's why a lot of people got it. There's just so much damn customization when it comes to the LD1+. I just know the MAD ear is a *nicer* sounding amp for Grado's, and I see a lot of people with the RS1i turning to that....
  2. JoeDoe

    I've heard both and the MAD certainly is better, but it's several times the price of the LD. I picked up my RS1s for a steal and got the LD for $120, so I get 80% of the sound for 50% of the price.
  3. Melvins
    that's pretty much what i've heard from people. that while they are better, they don't nearly warrant the price. 
  4. gibosi
    I don't know if "any" 8 leg op amp will work, but if you search this thread, you will find that the 4562 has been a popular choice.
    I am currently running a MUSES 02 and loving it. And the best tubes I have found are the 6DT6 - RCA and Tung Sol (EF92), and the tall bottle (avoid the short bottle versions) EC900 / 6HA5 / 6HM5 - GE, Sylvania and EI Yugoslovia (EF95).
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  5. henree
    NoOoooo I pulled the 4562 out of my Matrix to put into my DoT and the leg bent all the way up. I tried straightening it but it is all warped. I can get it in and music plays. But I am afraid that I am missing info. Should I replace the opamp?
    I just hate to listen to my music and in the back of my mind worry that I may be not getting all the musical info.
  6. gibosi
    As long as the leg is making good contact and you are hearing music that isn't obviously distorted, then all is fine. :)
  7. henree
    Tried to straighten the leg a tad and the Little dot will not power up. I guess if one of the 8 legs doesn't make contact. No dice. I will be on Ebay looking for a replacement.
    Hooked up the Amperex 6ak5w tubes. and they have a interesting fluid Bass. Its very subwoofer like. Mids a little congested. But I like the sound. Not as well rounded as the gold 408. But harder hitting. These will be my to go tubes for Hiphop and Reggae.
  8. gibosi
    Since the op amp in the LD 1+ is somewhat recessed and difficult to insert and remove, I use one of these op amp sockets:
    It is much easier to fit the op amp into this socket and then insert into the LD.
    And the MUSES 02 is bit more expensive than some of the others, but to my ears, it is worth it.
  9. henree
    Please tell me more about this Muses 02 opamp. I have been so impatient lately. Only left the 8083 in for a day and I am onto the Russian groove tubes. Wow they are so pristine. Maybe not as musical as the Mullard. But very detailed. And they have great balance. 
  10. gibosi
    Here are my previous postings regarding the Muses 02::
  11. i luvmusic 2
    Anyone here know how to remove the 2 tube rings on top of LD 1+ and the rings for LD MK III driver tube rings.
  12. JoeDoe
    Any LD users who have tried both the Muses02 and a dual to mono 627AP opamp?
  13. gibosi
    Although an iBasso D10, not an LD, you might find this posting of interest:
  14. henree
    Anyone get scratchiness in the left ear. Specifically on the Mullard  8083. Does a particular tube equate with Left And Right? Or could this be the unit. Can you clean the actually pots the tubes go into? I already deoxited the pins of the 8083's. They looked polished and brand new. The scratchiness comes in at about 30 to 45 minutes of listening.
  15. gibosi
    As you face the amp, left is left and right is right. If you swap tubes, does the scratchiness move to the right ear? Does this happen with other tubes, as well? 
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