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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. hsubox
    Just received my LD1+ today! I have the EF92 set up, and out of the box, it's pretty fun. The highs are a little peaky on the RS1i's, but the bottom end is nice and tight. I do notice that one of the tubes has a low hum to it (confirmed by swapping the two tubes and hum swapped channels with it), so I guess I'll need to get new tubes. Not a terrible thing, but still. While I'm at it, I'll probably roll a couple of opamps to see what fun I can have with those, too.
    Schist Bifrost & LD1+ is like a customizable audio fan's dream...
  2. gibosi
    Noisy tubes often quiet down after 20 or 30 hours of use. I suggest you give them some time before judging them as "bad".
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  3. hsubox
    Ah, good to know. This is my first tube amp. Thanks!
  4. i luvmusic 2
    Try 6HM5 Yugoslavia to me it's better than all of the  EF91 EF92 and EF95 tubes i've tried and it's cheap.these is my sugestions on tubes nothing to do with HUM/NOISE issue.Enjoy!
  5. Arsis

    I switched to high gain and I'm liking it better. So far it pairs best with my 2 highest impedance cans.
    Superlux HD-660 = 150 ohms
    AKG K240M = 600 ohms

    New tubes coming today!
    Matched Pair GE NOS/NIB 5654W
    I'll report after they're burned in good.
  6. Melvins
    also make sure that they aren't around your cellphone or any other electrical devices that put out a signal. Sometimes putting a book or two under the LD takes away the buzz. To see if this will work, hold your hand over or around the tubes when listening to it. if the buzz goes away you'll know that it's some variable that i listed above. 
  7. shaolin95
    I currently own a FiiO E11 (had the E6 before). My first headphone amps ever! :)
    So, my line of headphones are
    Sony MDR-X10
    JVC RX700
    TDK IE800
    Sens HD212Pro
    Of those, the Sony gets the most of the usage as I like the fuller sound I get from it even if the soundstage is not as big as say the JVC. I do love bass but still do not like to kill details.
    Anyways, I always wanted to have a tube amp so this one got my attention.
    What should I expect going from the E11 to this tube amp and do you think it will be a good match?
    One thing I like about the E11 is the EQ switch which comes in handy for some songs heavily light in bass.
    Thanks !
  8. Arsis
    Much better! Immediate improvement even before burn in. It had the new tube hum for about 10 minutes. Now it's extremely quiet! No hum ( I have a Furman power conditioner ) and only barely audible hiss. I'm guessing that my low impedance cans were just more sensitive to the other tubes crunchy brittleness. The new tubes made a huge difference. All good now. I burned in 24+ hours w/ pink noise & 10+ hours of listening. I spent several hours in all genres (mostly 16/44.1 & 24/96) via iTunes=> Fiio E10 line out => LD I+ =>various cans. Very pleasant frequency response. Tight, controlled bass. Excellent depth, imaging and dynamics compared to my Fiio e10 alone and Pioneer VSX-822 receiver.
    I'm currently listening to Tool Lateralus vinyl => Realistic LAB-2200 linear tracker => Audio-Technica 311ep cartridge => Cambridge Audio 540P phono pre => LD I+ => Sennheiser Momentum. It's ever so slightly on the bright side but overall it's excellent. Vocals are smooth and slightly forward. Drums and percussion are very natural. Cymbals are crisp, airy and detailed. Guitars are powerful and well separated.
    I'm finally pleased with my Little Dot purchase!

    Burr-Brown OPA2107 + GE 5654W + Momentum = :D
  9. hsubox
    Got bored, so took a neat picture of my Little Dot setup [​IMG]
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  10. Melvins
    That's the exact same lay out i have. e10 plus LD1+. I love it. Had it over a year now..
  11. Melvins
    What tubes ya got in that? They look awesome. Beautiful set up. 
  12. hsubox
    Those are the out-of-the-box EF92s. They're a little peaky, so I'm doing some research on what I can roll them with.
  13. henree
    Haven't been to this thread in years. Was cleaning out the house and I found my little dot  amp in the cabinet. Forgot all about it. Anyway I was wondering if you can use any 8 leg opamp? Really happy with my Sylvania 408 gold brands. Blowing my Matrix out of the water with detail retrieval. Will my Matrix opamp 4562 work ok in the little dot? It took me a while to get it running. I had a few bad jumpers that were loose and I was getting no sound. Any suggestions for Denon D7000?
    I have some old 8083 mullards. And Amperex 68k5w's I can swap out for the Gold 408's.
  14. Melvins
    how do you like them with the RSi's? why'd you pick the LD1+, over say, more expensive tube amps that seem to sound a bit better with Grado's? 
  15. hsubox

    I like the combo. The stock EF92s are a bit bright, but the bass is wonderful (not too heavy).

    Mostly I got the amp because of 1) price 2) tube rolling options and 3) opamp rolling options. It's just so versatile that I can mix and match until I'm happy.
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