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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. JoeDoe
    Just got a pair of GE JAN 5654 blackplates in the mail today and I am blown away. The separation and detail is the best I've heard from a stock compatible tube. It's like a Voskhod on steroids! Trombone Shorty, Dire Straits, and Tribe Called Quest are sounding killer!
  2. cshea71
    I have looked for this but can't find a posting that addresses what tubes I can use with the LD I+ without having to perform other mods (Jumpers and such).   This is my first amp, and my first posting.   I am EXTREMELY nooby.   Just ordered the LD I+ to pair with my macbook pro and a Syba DAC.   Please be gentle.
  3. gibosi
    Traditional tubes:
    Non-traditional tubes - You can run anything under the two columns "EF95" and "EF91/92" without mods:
    Have fun! :)
  4. JoeDoe
    Look out! Finally got some extra jumpers and the Mullard 8083s are giving the Voskhods a run for their money!
  5. cshea71
    I still haven't received my LD I+ yet as it is coming from China and it sounds like I am at best 10 days out.   I have bid on a matched pair of Voskholds from the 70's.   REALLY looking forward to checking it out.   Two questions; is there a difference between NOS tubes from the 50's and 40's and later stock tubes of the 70's?    Also, do you find a huge difference in the tube families?   I am speaking of general varieties.   Sounds like it made a huge difference in to the 8083's even without burn in time.   Is this with the stock op amp?
  6. JoeDoe

    When it comes to NOS versus not, I've only ever had New Old Stock so I can't compare. I would imagine though, that new old stock versus those that I've been used to varying degrees would have noticeable sound differences.

    The Mullards are the first non-6AK5 tubes I've used so once again, I can't comment on huge changes for family. The tubes sound different but I don't think I called the difference huge.

    And this is with a dual 627 to mono opamp adapter.
  7. gibosi
    Yes, the internal construction of tubes changed and evolved over time, as the result of advances in materials and manufacturing techniques as well as feed-back from the field, and as one would expect, different construction typically results in a different sound. And yes, tubes from different tube families often sound hugely different.
  8. Melvins
    lovely. great combo. what modded grados are those 
  9. JoeDoe

    At the time those were Ebonied 225's. They've since been changed to SR 80s and will be finding their new owner this weekend.
  10. signet02
    Does anyone out there have any experience with these tubes in the LD 1+?...
    Do you think they're as good as the venerable GE version?...
  11. i luvmusic 2
    Two of my favourite tubes are 6HM5 Yugoslavia and TUNG-SOL 6CS6/EH90 but i just started using Octal now so those two tubes are not getting much love anymore.You Ladies and gentlemen should give those two tubes a try.
  12. AK7579
    I got the 6HM5 tubes a couple of weeks ago and I am loving them.  They are cheap and sound amazing with the LD1+ and Grados. I will be purchasing another set soon as back ups.
  13. i luvmusic 2
    I'am glad you like them....[​IMG]
  14. gibosi
    While I suspect that "acceptance date: 2/45" is actually February, 1945, and not 1942, these are still very old 6AK5s. If I was still rolling these 6AK5s, it might be interesting to see how they compare with later Sylvanias. However, I agree with the other posters that your money is better spend on a pair of 6HM5. :)
  15. cshea71
    I just got my LD I+ yesterday and boy is it awesome!   I love this thing.   Even with the stock tubes and no mods done it sounds great.   It really brings a warmth and feel to the cold digital FLAC files that i was looking for.   I notice that even running with the onboard DAC out of the MacBook Pro instead of my Syba Usb DAC, it sounds equally as good.   I guess that answers the question of which is more important - DAC or AMP.   One thing, I am noticing a significant buzz.   Especially in the noise floor.   When there is nothing playing it is pretty loud and then the sound covers it up.   This sound is present even when there is no input plugged into the amp.   When I crank it to about 70 the buzz goes away a little and then comes back when turned up all the way.  Is this a function of the poor quality stock tubes, or do I have a bigger problem.   I hate to even make a thing out of it because i love the way this things performs so well, and it may be that a little buzz is part of the package.   Overall this thing is a monster with my Grados 60i's
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