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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. i luvmusic 2
      Actually i don't run my LD with open bottom i still put back the cut-out plate held by a masking tape  for  now until i find a  hinge and latch that i like to hold it in place.
  2. MunkyOne

    I too, am looking for hinges.  The problem seems to be the clearance between the bottom plate and the tops of the larger capacitors.  So I am looking for two narrow hinges, one for each side.   Do you have any ideas for a suitable latch?
  3. i luvmusic 2
    I'am thinking  one of those jewelry box latch and hinges.
  4. SJWorne
    Has anyone pulled the volume knob off at all?
    How does it come off?
    Just thinking of replacing it with something with a bit of texture rather than it being smoother than my dad's head [​IMG]
  5. MunkyOne

    You should be able to prise the knob from the spindle.  It is probably a splined spindle, as there is no retaining screw.  I would remove the tubes before attempting to remove the knob, as it may require some effort if it's a tight fit.
    It would look cool with a knob from some vintage radio, or similar.  Post a pic when your'e done :)
  6. JoeDoe
    Mine pulled right off. Almost too easily...
  7. gibosi
    This is very good to know!
    I would really like to replace mine too. If I am measuring correctly, the stock knob is about 22mm wide x 17mm tall.... Maybe knob a bit more than 30mm will fit? I wonder if 35mm is too large?
    All those who have replaced the knob, please post a pic and tell us the size. :)
  8. SJWorne
    I will definitely have a look into it... I know there's a US online store called potentiometer.com or something like that and they allow you to customize sizes and stuff :)
  9. SJWorne
    Hi Joe, 
    Not had chance to pull mine off yet, but can you recall what type of shaft it was? Was it a D-shaped shaft or was it splined?
  10. JoeDoe
    I could totally be mixing this up with one of the cMoys I assembled this weekend but I believe it was D-shaped.
  11. SJWorne
    I just managed to pull mine off and mine was splined... maybe they used different potentiometers on different revisions or batches, who knows :)
    Ok so done a little bit of research and if you have a splined knob (which is more likely than a D-shaped one, and also munky said it was splined :p), then it will be the 6mm splined shaft that you will want.  Due to there being a lack of D-shaped shafted knobs at this size (lololol), then I would be leaning towards yours being splined too Joe :) 
  12. JoeDoe
    Thank you for sparing my pride, but I'm sure I was remembering the two or three cMoys I was working on.
  13. SJWorne
    As I said, who knows :) lol
    After all this talk of a new knob... I cannot find one I like anywhere :frowning2:
  14. signet02
    Well, I got my muses02 in today, and you know I just had to put it in... Anyway, it's acting like any new device:  A little subdued at first... Put a looped demo on my digital piano ( where I have my LD 1+ right now)... Just running it in for a few hours...
    I'm currently running the WE 408A tubes...
    Note: My Yamaha CP 300 has HiFi stereo outputs, both unbalanced and balanced, and is dead quiet... Hoping the sound comes up after 30 hrs. or so... The ole' 5 on, five off routine...
    Friday: I order a pair of Sennheiser HD 600s... I'm hoping that that will also add to the definition I can get from my instrument... Note: I'm ordering from Sennheiser Factory Outlet... $341.00, like new, full warranty, free ship... [Note: No affiliation]
    I think those cans will work well for both professional and home audio use...
    Anyone have any recommendations for alternative tubes?... I'm looking for lots of air on top, fair bass, and 'there' midrange...
  15. JoeDoe
    Tung Sol 6AK5
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