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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. i luvmusic 2
    Here it is.....
  2. signet02
    You can bet on it, G...  I'm recording some stuff on the digital piano today, and I look forward to being able to monitor the recording through the LD 1+ instead of just using the standard headphone output on the piano... As far as my HI Fi system, I'm sure the combination will benefit that as well...
    Perhaps I'll send a link to a sound file of some of my stuff later in the month... 
  3. MunkyOne
    What a doos idea!  I didn't even think of trying my LD1+ with my piano.  Thanks for the great idea for when I am forced to play through headphones.   If it sounds good, I may have to do a piano mod  :)  
  4. MunkyOne

    Excellent!!   A very neat job.   This is my plan.  What did you use to make the precise cut in the bottom plate?
  5. i luvmusic 2
    I used DREMEL with a cut-off wheel,THANK YOU!
  6. signet02
    Newbie question: How do you know which way to put a different op amp in?... I have the jumper thing down, and there's only one way to put a tube in, but the op amp thing has me a bit worried...  ???...
  7. gibosi
    You should notice that the socket has a notch at one end. And then you should notice that the chip has either an impressed circle or a notch at one end. So simply match the notch of the socket to the circle or notch on the chip and insert.
    Here is a picture of the LD1+ circuit board (an older version). You will notice that the chip has a notch on the left-hand side.
    Here is chip with an impressed circle:
  8. signet02
    Thanks... Your info arrived just in time... I got my BB 2107AP in the mail this aft... I think I'll roll the WE 408As in, along with the BB op amp this eve... Will report later... Have a feeling it may take awhile to hear a difference...
  9. gibosi
    I suggest that you make one change at a time. In this way, you will be able to distinguish the differences between op amps alone... And the tubes alone. Have fun! :)
  10. JoeDoe
    Well, I made it about two weeks without a little LD. The replacement came in today and after opening it to find out what a rattle was, it was a jumper that apparently is cracked. Also noticed there is another one that is nowhere to be found. So I have two total.

    Any fellow little dot enthusiasts have a couple spare jumpers to share?
  11. signet02
    Sorry, G... I just couldn't help myself... I changed the tubes and the op amp... The first thing I noticed was that there was no break-in hum at all with the WE 408A tubes... I also noticed that they don't light up as much as the 6J1 tubes... I did shift the jumpers to '408A'  from '6J1'... J1 and J2 still open... 
    One helpful hint:  Mark the rear of the bottom plate with a piece of tape so it goes back the same way... Otherwise, the holes don't line up very well, and you can strip out a screw... Also, you need to hold the bottom plate down while starting the screws, also to align the holes...
    Now for the break-in...
  12. Arsis
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the 2107/408A combo. I put in a 2107 with the stock tubes and I'm not liking it. Mushy, mushy bass
  13. kvtaco17
    hit up a radio shack... they have jumpers!
  14. signet02
    A, I'll let you know... I have a muses02 on the way, and I'm thinking that that is probably a better match... This will take some time... More later...
  15. SJWorne
    Hey guys,
    I get a hell of a lot of microphonics from my headphone cable... is this normal?
    I'm using Grado Sr125i's, and maybe about half the length of cable gives me a lot of 'dinging' noises if i knock it or even touch it.  
    Is this anything to do with gain? If it was set for the higher impedance could this be the case? And would it damage my headphones?
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