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Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mapstec, Sep 16, 2008.
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  1. SwanSong
    I checked out the Muses02 its expensive but how do you compare the sound to the others mentioned?  Sorry to bug you but you seem to have great recommendations!  Also can you give me a link to the Muses02 that you'd recommend I see several from $20-46 dollars on ebay.
  2. Arsis
    yes... also stock. Gonna try one thing at a time.
    'm happy with eq signature but the mush has gotta go.
  3. Edgard Varese
    A pair of Voskhod tubes will do more to clear up the mush than the opamp change (at least that's what I heard when I did it).  Alternatively, a non-spec tube like the 6DT6A (RCA or GE) is also very nice in terms of added clarity.
  4. gibosi
    I found the stock MC33078 to be congested and swapped it out almost immediately.
    The OPA2107 was much better, But the highs seemed to be somewhat rolled off, and the mids were almost shouty.
    The LME 49990 was a breath of fresh air. Very clean and transparent, with great highs. However, it is a very neutral amp, and with some tubes it seemed to be a bit cold and lifeless.
    The MUSES02 has all the qualities of the LME 49990, but with a bit more mid range presence. Vocals and instruments seem to have more impact and presence and the overall presentation is more musical and toe tapping than the LME49990.
    But of course, this is with my ears and my gear.. Others may have different opinions....
    I bought the MUSES02 here:
  5. SwanSong
    If I go with the LM49990 with mullard tubes will it warm the LM UP? Can you give me a link for the LM49990? The muses02 and LM won't need any kind of adapters (1 to 1) replacement ?
  6. gibosi
    The LME49990 is a single channel chip, so you need two mounted on a DIP8 adapter. I purchased mine already mounted from this vendor:
    I have not listened to the Mullard M8161/CV4015 with the LME49990, but yes, I would expect that the Mullard, being a rather warm tube, would match up well with the LME49990.
    The MUSES02 is a two channel chip, so no adapter is needed.
  7. SwanSong
    Thanks gibosi
  8. JoeDoe
    Just bought an LD1+ off of jaywillin and I've been sifting through this thread for the last 20 minutes. He hooked me up with some Telefunkens, RCAs, and Sylvanias.
    I'm curious to know if 1. There is some sort of table or summary in this thread about which tubes are hits and which are misses and 2. How the Mullards or Voshkods measure up.
  9. gibosi
    There is no table or summary in this thread, but there is quite a bit of information presented at the beginning of the Little Dot vacuum tube rolling thread:
  10. SJWorne
    Got my little dot ordered :D
  11. JoeDoe
    Hey there LD1+ owners, if you wouldn't mind could someone lend some insight for me. 
    I picked up mine a few weeks ago (although didn't get to really play with it until yesterday) and I'm noticing a distinct hum with just about any tube I plug in. Is this normal? I don't hear it right when it power it on, but I can hear the hum arise as the tubes warm. Any thoughts? 
  12. gibosi
    You say "just about any tube". So I am assuming that with some tubes, there is no hum? And the tubes that hum... Are they new?  If so, they just may need to burn-in for 12 hours, or so, to settle down.
  13. JoeDoe

    Actually they all hum but to different degrees. This includes EF91s and 6AK5s. As far as I know none of them are new. Based on jays listening habits I'm sure the ones that I'm using have seen many more than burn in hours.
  14. gibosi
    The fact that all your tubes are humming would seem to eliminate them as the problem.
    Going through a process of elimination:
    Try a different pair of RCA cables connected to audio in.
    Try a different set of headphones
    Try a different opamp.
    Good luck!
  15. JoeDoe
    Haven't got a spare pair of RCAs, but I have tried different cans (the more sensitive, the worse the hum) and just now installed a new opamp. The hum is almost inaudible much worse now. Put a brand new TI OPA2107AP even though a 2107 was in there already...
    The quest continues!
    Also, has anyone had to replace any of the screws holding the chassis together? One seems to have wandered off...
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