Little Dot DAC_II
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One thought as I was trying to replicate what you had done, windows allows you to control volume, or mute your spdif off hour asus card (this makes no sense - at least the volume part).  Perhaps this is why your dac is getting no signal.  Hope this helps.  (BTW I forgot to check the date of your posting so I hope this is not long since been resolved.)
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I'm having trouble getting 24/192Khz to play through my Little Dot Dac_II. I have everything setup correctly but for some reason my Dac_II is silent when I test 24/192. I tested the follow sample rates

44.1 - Works
48 - Works
96 - Works
192 - Fails to play test tones

I get "No Signal" from my Dac_II's LCD as well! I'm using it as follows

Essence STX (Toslink SPDIF)-> Dac_II -> HD600

The LD DAC doesn't support more then 24/96 audio through toslink, you need to use SPDIF through RCA or BNC to go higher.
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Resurrecting this thread as I'm looking for a budget DAC/Amp combo.
I'm curious which of the two is better performing: LD Dot DAC_II or the JDS O2+ODAC Combo. The price is the same (not including shipping).
Are there any other choices for a DAC/Amp combo? My primary us is via a PC to drive MrSpeakers Alpha Dog.
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Just seeing if anyone has any thoughts to the question I posted.


I can't compare to those directly, but I'm still using and loving my LD DAC_II in both headphone and speaker setups. Both sound smooth and transparent, my most important criteria.

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