Little Dot DAC vs. Zero DAC
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Mar 18, 2008
Well here it is, the inevitable comparison thread.

I have TWO Zeros, one with upgraded chips (BB 624), one stock. They work fine, but after Can Jam, I am looking to get into some higher quality gear.

Has anyone who owns the Zero (or other low priced DAC) Heard the new Little Dot DAC? Is it markedly 'better'? Based on what they say about it's topology, and components, it seems like a really great deal.

Considering that I'm also saving for a Zana Deaux, Does this represent enough of an upgrade, or should I just wait till I can afford a Benchmark DAC 1???

I think it's rather crucial, because an amp can only sound as good as it's source signal. I don't want to buy this and then just have it bottleneck my system in 6 months when I upgrade my amp.
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Well I have a fully loaded Zero and I took the plunge and bought a LD DAC and MKVI to go balanced. Not sure if the balanced setup will be a fair comparison though =P I'll try and connect it to my MKIV SE first and do a quick comparison.
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Ressurection, I'm sure we'd all like to read each owner's opinions
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I ended up selling my PS Audio DL-III and buying the Little-Dot unit. At some point I will do a detailed objective set of testing, etc. I'll be sure to post it here. But for now I most definitely think I made the right choice.
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Thanks, I am looking at a burson ha 160, Little dot MKVII and Little Dot DAC_I. Thinking of getting a new amp first though
Need a great SS amp for my ALO-780, i dislike tubes with them.

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