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List: Portable Players That Support Gapless Playback

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by heatfan12, Mar 13, 2011.
  1. davidcotton
    Basically the best way (I think, check)if you aren't using apple is to get a player that can support rockbox.  Using rockbox means you can get players to be compatible with flac which will do gapless but at the cost of battery life.
  2. rithym
    It is not true to say iTunes has to load the tracks on to iPod to playback gapless. I have an iPod Classic 160GB MC293 with software version 2.0.4 PC. I don't have iTunes on my PC but prefer to use Mediamonkey to load up the iPod with 18,500 tracks all live albums... gapless works like a charm so it has nothing to do with iTunes itself. 
  3. WalkieTalkie
    I'm thinking of myself as being a partial audiophile.
    I love metal (like Deftones, Fear Factory), electronics (like HECQ, Daft Punk).

    Gapless playback feature has absolutely zero value for me.
    Even when I switch from HECQ - 0010 to HECQ - 0011.

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