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List of prolific reviewers?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by petebull, Apr 19, 2017.
    Any way to find people with tons of reviewed equipment?
    Like this one http://www.head-fi.org/newsearch/?advanced=1&sort=lastupdate&order=descending&type=35&createdbyuserid[]=118389
    Maybe some way to chart users in the review section by the number of reviews?
    Because it is more important to find a person whose values you share rather than choose gear being guided by many inexperienced and/or wrong opinions.
  2. obobskivich
    Just to note: ljokerl is a professional reviewer.

    To your bigger question: "lurk more" seems an appropriate answer. Volume of output by itself doesn't mean much of anything, and simply deciding to listen whoever has said the most isn't going to do much to weed out "inexperienced and/or wrong opinions" (I'd also love to know how an opinion can be wrong...:rolleyes:). Following appreciation threads or similar for gear you're interested in is a good place to start, as is asking a direct question about gear you're interested in and seeing what kind of replies you get - expecting the forum to play mind-reader to satisfy your whims is a bit unrealistic, as is appearing and excepting some sort of consumer-friendly consensus to be built just for you. It's a big place with a lot going on, it takes a while to learn things, and ultimately after all that your own experience is going to be the best guide for what you do and don't like, no matter how "good" of a reviewer you find. There is no magic bullet and there are no "one easy step" shortcuts to gaining said experience either. :xf_eek:
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  3. SHAMuuu

    Yes that @ljokerl 's IEM list was a great help! Wish there was one like that for headphones a updated DAVID MAHLER list :D THANKS GOOD SIRsss

    Even with all the expert help the risks are still present and learning curve gonna cost $$$ but the shortcuts and narrowing down save from complete madness.
  4. obobskivich

    If by "DAVID MAHLER list" you mean that "58 flagships compared" article from ages ago - I would strongly advise against such listicle-esque content aggregator-style articles that attempt to linearize and condense "knowledge" in such a manner. They end up over-generalizing and imposing one person's preferences as some sort of "fact" (its amazing what throw numbers around does - most people will start to believe they're 100% true coming from at least 1 source with at least 1 example).
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  5. Guidostrunk
    I'd put skylab in the mix. Back in 09/10, he had a very helpful portable amp thread, with detailed reviews of every portable on the market at the time , that helped so many. Including myself, when I started here with iems.

    Also averagejoe with his reviews of every totl, custom iems.
  6. obobskivich

    Skylab has reviewed desktop tube amps too (among other things) - he has a "Directory" of those reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/t/402585/review-summary-a-ranking-of-32-tube-and-tube-hybrid-headphone-amps

    Some other users that have posted reviews with some regularity include:
    Currawong, HeadphoneAddict, MuppetFace, swbf2cheater, HiFiGuy528 (also does videos on YouTube), project86 (professional reviewer), earfonia, and of course can't forget Jude...:p
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