List of Headphones to obtain for my musical taste?
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Feb 29, 2008
Well right now I am building my list of headphones to get as an indie music lover. (see nicewicz) on

So mostly indie rock (nothing heavy), classical, hip hop, and some electronic is what Ill use them for.

Dont worry about amps as that will change for me fast.

Right now on my list of headphones to come I have (prob in Order)

I want your guys' opinion on which i should get next.

Its so hard I am probably going to get 2 of them at the same time and im a poor student with no job.

AKG k701
Senn HD650
Beyer Dt880
ATH w5000
Grado 325i

Does anyone know where I can demo any of these somewhere near columbus Ohio?
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I'd say the DT880 might be your best bet, or the DT990, which has a stronger bass presence.

A little bit of a side note, but isn't the W5000 a bit out-of-place, price wise there? It's like twice as expensive as everything else on that list.
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Listen to them all, test em with your music, and also add the K601, HD600 etc. pricier doesn't mean better (depends on taste).
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Hmm 2, I missed to read that. I'd probably go with a K601 and a HD650, those were the ones I like best, listening to the music you mentioned. Just my hearing/opinion offcourse.
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Originally Posted by ronnielee54 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
For a poor college student with no job you have got a pretty good list. Especially if you can buy 2 at a time. You need to help all of us and tell us how it is done.

Im not in college :[. I just did good over Xmas in the Bahamas because there was a casino in my hotel
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I wouldn't go for w5000 without hi-end budget - You can be dissapointed - they need very warm system and big head of user

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