Linum update and the new Linum Super BaX on tour

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by linum, Feb 10, 2017.
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  1. borez
    Adding a review, as part of the Linum tour. I’m keeping this objective. Note that I used to be a Linum cable user (referring to as the old Limum). All views are my own.

    Build impressions: cables are much thicker vs old Linum. No tangle issues here, the thicker cables also help with user handling. They’ve also switched to a right angled jack, vs the straight jack on the basic Linum. This is a positive development and should solve termination issues on the old design. Unfortunately no strain relief but let's see.

    Observations were made against the 64Audio A12 CIEM, Fostex HP-A4 DAC, Spotify Premium. Tested against the stock cable, and where possible, my memories of the old Linum cable (which I no longer have).

    On sound quality, I would characterize this cable as balanced – not excessively bright nor warm. This is good in a certain way, as it helps to maintain the IEM's sonic signature. The improvements are quite all rounded. What stood out was the much quieter noise floor.

    See below for notes:

    Michael Bublé, These Foolish Things (Remind me Of You)
    Testing vocals here. Bublé’s voice is less veiled, more lush and engaging, but not at the expense of losing dynamic range. Background music (e.g. the cymbals) sound more crisp and clear. Noise floor reduced.

    Amber Rubarth, Novocaine
    This is an extremely detailed recording with a wide soundstage. The A12 CIEM really excels in soundstaging, and glad the Linum Super Bax doesn’t take that away. A lot more micro details heard. Examples: breathing noises (0:03), some crackling noises (0.06), tons of string squeak.

    Sade, Bullet Proof Soul
    Just simply for the opening bass notes. Much much deeper, fuller and all rounded. Very notable difference vs the stock & original Linum – they sound so flat in retrospect.

    deadmau5, Seeya
    Testing dynamics. Beats are tight, good slam and much more controlled. Like someone tightening a loose screw. The song can sound fairly harsh (not surprising as it’s EDM after all!). But the cable’s helped to sand away some of that edginess, particularly on the beats/vocals.

    KT Tunstall, Feel It all
    This is a song with a high noise floor (the whole album was recorded with old reel-to-reel tapes). The cable helped to tame things down. This song is one of my favourites – it’s an emotive song as KT recorded this post the loss of her father and divorce. The cable fleshed out every single nuance in her vocals, which made the presentation a whole lot emotive. Listening to this song with the Super Bax reminds me why I'm spending money on hi-fi.

    I’ve been auditioning cables for my CIEM, and the Super Bax punches its weight through, at this price point. From the A12 thread, some users didn’t like the A12-Linium pairing, but I would suggest re-visiting with the Super Bax.

    I’m buying this...
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  2. linux4ever
    Yes I would say that the sound presentation is lush and rich. I still have to listen some more for my ears to adjust to the richness. It's fun and musical and slightly enhanced.
  3. Linum
    The Super BaX is now available to order again. The 2Pin version only in limited quantities, next batch is expected end of June.
  4. ExpiredLabel
    Any word on balanced and when if at all that will be?
  5. Linum
    No news on balanced, sorry. We will consider next step when our entire redesigned standard programme is sucessfully launched.
  6. Barndoor
    Thanks, ordered :smile:
  7. ironpeg
    Linum Super Bax

    Connection: 2pin, 3.5mm TRS

    Source: AK380Cu+AmpCu

    Iem: Zeus-XRA (XIV set up)

    Pros: Small size, flexible, performance/value ratio

    Cons: 2pin connectors look cheap and bended. Only available in 3.5mm TRS, would be better to have memory wire.

    Sound Stage and Presentation: The stage is just the right size. It’s not too huge nor too small. However, the depth of the stage isn’t on par with TOTL cable. The sound tends to go a bit to slightly warmer than neutral (Zeus is kinda on the cold side. With Linum bax, it seems a bit warmer.). Speed is really good so it sounds smooth.

    Low: Bass is tight, and very fast. Decay time is very very short. Not much of texture details but impact is good. It doesn’t reach as deep as TOTL cable like Heracles but it still better than stock cable.

    Mid: Vocal is forward. It seems to bring more details to vocal than bass.

    High: High has very nice sparkles with slight roll-off to reduce the harshness and sharpness not to pierce your ears.


    Soundstage width: 7/10

    Soundstage depth: 5/10

    Bass: 7.5/10

    Mid: 8.5/10

    High: 8/10

    Value: 8/10
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  8. Cagin
    @Linum Hmm how do I go about if I need a SuperBaX Balanced with 4.4mm trrrs and a 2pin 0.78mm but with a requirement that the connector has to have a small notch between the pins on the forward facing side. Like found on Eidolic barrels. The Audeze iSine series and LCD-i4 included have a recessed socket with a tiny line protrusion.

    My Norne Therium 8x26awg is too heavy for the lcdi4 to be comfortable. The supplied premium cable that came with the Audeze is 3.5mm SE, prone to tangling and rigid. I crave some feather light Linum. :ksc75smile:
  9. Linum
    Hi Cagin. Wish we could help, yet we have full focus on the Super BaX production and the entire redesigned programme. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to help you. We get so many individual enquiries that we have considered finding a solution to help you guys, yet we do not know if, what and when, thus you will have to be patient (again). Unless you know someone, who can change the connectors on the Super BaX for you, guess best chance is to ask the earphone manufacturer to contact us and maybe we can find a solution. Sorry, we cannot help you today. Cheers.
  10. Cagin
    Alrighty thanks. No worries, I'll just wait for a normal 2pin 4.4mm balanced Super BaX and reterminate it :)
  11. nc8000 Contributor


    Finally got my SuperBax back from a friend who has reterminated it to 4.4 mm for the Sony 1Z. Plug has exactly same colour and finish as the 1Z.

    Lovely cable, both sound and ergonomics, only minor gripe is that the chin slider is too loose and does not really stay in place.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
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  12. AndrewCanDo
    Its been awfully quiet here! Im just curious if there's any news on the Linum SuperBax 2-Pin? The wait is KILLING me lol
  13. ThomasHK
    Hi @Linum

    I was wondering if you had any advice for the Bax cable for keeping the cable tucked behind the ear. I'm loving the light weight and "not there" feeling, but the cable keeps jumping up and away from my ear. The only solution is pulling the cable tie up until it sits very close to my chin... which is not an option :D
  14. Linum
    Hi Thomas. Apologize the delayed feedback. If it is an option for you, we recommend that you lead the cable behind the neck and fix it there. In this way the cable is better fixed behind your ears also. We hope it will help you. Cheers.
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  15. Linum
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