Linum update and the new Linum Super BaX on tour

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  1. alishafai
    I see that some other cable makers are able to provide their upgrade cables with this 4-pin connector. Why wouldn't you consider doing that being that JH Audio is exclusively using this type of connector and they are one of the biggest players in the IEM market? I would place an order with you today for my JH Audio Lola if you can accommodate that connector type.
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    I think the reason is the Estron isn’t a cable manufacturer like all the others. Estron run large batches of the most common cable types and don’t do individual custom orders
  3. muffin9988
    As mentioned above, Linum doesn't mess around with all the numerous combinations of cable terminations and connectors.

    They tend to run larger batches of cables using common connectors/terminations in order to make it cost effective to produce overmolded connectors (2 pin and MMCX) that are much smaller than the usual aftermarket cable companies that use third party (e.g. Eidolic) connectors

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