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Linum update and the new Linum Super BaX on tour

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by linum, Feb 10, 2017.
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  1. alishafai
    I see that some other cable makers are able to provide their upgrade cables with this 4-pin connector. Why wouldn't you consider doing that being that JH Audio is exclusively using this type of connector and they are one of the biggest players in the IEM market? I would place an order with you today for my JH Audio Lola if you can accommodate that connector type.
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    I think the reason is the Estron isn’t a cable manufacturer like all the others. Estron run large batches of the most common cable types and don’t do individual custom orders
  3. muffin9988
    As mentioned above, Linum doesn't mess around with all the numerous combinations of cable terminations and connectors.

    They tend to run larger batches of cables using common connectors/terminations in order to make it cost effective to produce overmolded connectors (2 pin and MMCX) that are much smaller than the usual aftermarket cable companies that use third party (e.g. Eidolic) connectors
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  4. Tiddlesworth
    Might consider if the black friday sales are right with the pricing/
  5. Linum
    We have not started black friday sales just yet - sign up for Linum Exclusive and you will soon know ... goo.gl/kUuCZV
  6. Linum
    Btw. we apologise the silence here ... an update will follow soon on the SuperBaX ... and the new G2... and some of the questions above.. We appreciate all the input you guys share. Thank you!
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  7. Tiddlesworth
    I have signed up, just that most companies hold them earlier before actual black Friday,
  8. Linum
    In case you wish to update your audio gear with a new Linum G2 we have just opened our Black Friday sales. Check it out. Friday only!

    Updates on the SuperBaX, G2 and above enquiries will follow tomorrow. Cheers.
  9. Tiddlesworth
    Are the cables in the web store G2?
  10. Linum
    All cables with 3.5mm jack plug are G2.

    Only the two Balanced versions (BaX 2.5mm TRRS) remains in the old (G1) design at least for now. Hopefully we can prioritize the development of a SuperBaX balanced version later.
  11. Doug2507
    Hopefully later isn't too far away!
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    You could just buy a 3.5 version and reterminate it yourself to balanced. That’s what I did with help from a friend. Really like the SuperBax with 4.4 for my JH13

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
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  13. Doug2507
    Definitely an option, just need to find someone competent to do the soldering!
  14. Linum
    As promised a brief update.

    We started this thread to get the new Linum G2 SuperBaX on a test and review tour. Overwhelmed by the interest, we sent 4 SuperBaX MMCX and 2Pin cables on tour. They travelled around the world to visit 24 testers/reviewers in different countries. Many have posted their review here or elsewhere, and we have a few more coming. The reviews make our proud, they are great value to us and all potential new Linum users. THANK YOU!

    The new improved Linum generation - Linum G2 - was successfully launched in August. This means, also the BaX and Music versions are now available in the new version.

    Many of you have requested Linum G2 in other configurations, particularly a SuperBaX Balanced 2.5mm TRRS, yet also 3.5mm TRRS, 4.4mm TRRRS and other connector solutions. With the success of Linum and our new estron audio connector T2, our development team is swamped with work. Please be patient. We cannot promise anything, yet we will keep you updated on any progress there is.

    Muffin9988 describes it quite well above - our production setup is not for numerous combinations of cable terminations and connectors. We aim to develop some of the best high-performing quality upgrade cables in a minimalist and aesthetic design. Thus, we must prioritise best possible. All enquiries are listed and considered. Should you have a specific request, we encourage you to “Sign up”, like many of you have already done. Your chance to influence our future developments. After all, the SuperBaX was developed because you guys asked for a lower impedance cable!

    Ps. Don’t forget our Black Friday offer is only today November 24th, 2017.
  15. Cagin
    :ksc75smile: I’ll get my balanced Super BaX 2pin 4.4 TRRRS eventually, I know it
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