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  1. LeftyGorilla
    Traded an SD card for an opamp. transaction was smooth and good.

    LingLing1337 has good penmanship presenting no evidence of personality disorders.
  2. Traddad
    LingLing sold a very nice Coax cable tome. Good workmanship, fast shipping!
  3. Nike T
    Was kind enough to send me an opamp for free for a few impressions. Cool guy, mailed fast
  4. drewfus420
    I bought a set of distancers from LingLing and he got them across the country to me in 3 days. Dealing with him was a pleasure.

  5. ruknd Contributor
    I purchased an instrument (guitar) cable. The package was shipped promptly, safely, and arrived when he said it would. As for the cable, he did a very professional job, used quality components, and I would not hesitate to purchase one from him.
  6. clarinetman
    LingLing1337 made me a very nice custom interconnect for my portable amp. Great guy, very flexible, and great workmanship. Would do business with again. Thanks a lot.

    I'll get a review up about it in a bit here, stay tuned.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, he gave me an *excellent* deal at just about $25.
  7. hipcat
    Just received the cables I ordered from lingling1337. the cables are well made and look great, communication was good, build time and shipping was fast! would definately buy from him again! [​IMG]Thanks lingling!

  8. swmtnbiker
    Purchased a Grado SR225i from Miles. The cans were as described and he handled some miscommunication issues graciously. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
  9. Amarphael
    Bought a very nice, well made and great sounding cable from Miles. Dealing was smooth and shipping even better, Cheers. [​IMG]
  10. betweentheears
    Purchased a headphone cable from Miles. Smooth transaction, good communication and great job of packaging item.
  11. hipcat
    Brought some more cables from lingling and again everything went smooth!Cables look and sound great!
  12. drewfus420
    I just received my second purchase from Miles, and it was just as described, well packed, quickly shipped and all that good stuff....
    It even came w/ a little hand drawn cartoon that made me chuckle, and I am no chuckler [​IMG]

  13. deadly55
    made me a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, great communication and excellent cable.
  14. peepee-king
    Purchased an excellent headphone cable off Miles. I couldn't be happier with how the transaction went. Thanks!
  15. elcarajo Contributor
    I bought a Beresford 7520 from Miles. It was good comms all the way and he was very gracious when Paypal burped and delayed payment a week. Well recommended!

    Edit - good sale and good after sale support! I hope to business with Miles again soon.

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