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limitations of PA2v2

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by canadianballer, Feb 10, 2011.
  1. canadianballer
    forgive me if this has already been asked in other forums. I've read many reviews/comments on the PA2v2 and obviously it is nowhere near as powerful as other amps, but given the price I don't see how anything really beats it.
    I currently hook it up to my TF10's (lost my IE8's unfortunately), source is Sansa Fuze, and it sounds pretty good as is (I use it everyday commuting to/from work in subway, so tons of background noise).
    I'm now interested in purchasing full sized headphones to see how they compare against IEM's. My question is what are the limitations of hte PA2v2? Will they be able to drive the Senn. HD650, HD600's ( i really like the Senn. sound) or the AKG k-701? Those seems to be great full sized headphoens that I can buy used at very reasonable prices.
    I know many of these "high-end" full sized headphones (without jumping into the ultra expensive HD800's, electronstatics etc) usually require a very good source and amp. 
    I plan to use these full sized headphones for indoors only, mostly in my room listening to music / watch movies. It'll be laptop - Pa2v2 - full sized headphone. Any thoughts?
  2. b0klau
    hd6x0 really need a good desktop amp to reach their full potential. Even a cheap desktop amp will do the job fairly well. unfortunately, pa2v2 just doesn't cut it. And remember that the k701 is a known to be super hard to drive, no way in hell a pa2v2 well be able to bring it to its full potential.
    I if I were you I would wait till i have enough cash for a cheap desktop amp as well.
    maybe a purity audio kicas?
  3. canadianballer
    What about the AKG K501? Same issue?
    I understand the K701's are super difficult to drive, so that was a long shot. I was hoping the HD 6x0 series wouldn't be as bad.
    Are there any full sized headphones that are in that range that be driven by the PA2v2 or not a chance?
  4. estreeter
    I found the K501 easier to drive than the K601, but that isnt much of a concession - they all benefit from solid amping. Read the reviews on the Matrix M-Stage if you want something that will drive these cans for minimal outlay.
  5. canadianballer
    Thank you, will do.

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