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Like new WA6 + Sophia Princess, 6GL7, 7N7 tube upgrades (free shipping and PayPal) (FINAL PRICE DROP!)

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  1. Schopenhauer
    For Sale
    I bought this amp from WooAudio in February of this year (’14) and am the original owner. There are no physical defects or imperfections. Neither are there any sonic defects. It’s more or less like new. My reason for selling is that I’ve learned that I prefer the solid state/hybrid signature. I was seriously impressed by the pairing of the HE-500 and the WA6 with the Sophia Princess and 6GL7 driver tube upgrades.
    If you’re judicious with the volume, I don’t see how one could be reasonably fatigued by the HE-500+WA6 combo. At the same time, it’s a combo that can stun you right off the bat once the tubes are warmed up. That is to say, the HE-500+WA6 is an easy way to start the evening while being a beautiful way to cap it. The signature W-shaped sound of the HE-500 is all round edges. The mids float pleasantly on the sub-bass, and the highs tiptoe on the mids.
    I am including the Sophia Princess and 6GL7 upgrades, as well as the 7N7 driver tube upgrade. All of these upgrades were purchased from WooAudio and include the custom adaptors. Total price including shipping and PayPal fees is 875USD 650USD 549USD. NOTE: Shipping is included only within the continental United States. I'm willing to ship elsewhere, but we'll have to figure out shipping. 
    Now, 699USD is the retail price of the amp (if ordered direct). In this case, it comes with a little over 400USD in tube upgrades (if ordered direct) thrown in, plus free shipping (again, only within the continental US). I’m not interested in trades. Will ship amp in original packaging with the stock rectifier tube and the 7N7 driver tubes (the SP and 6GL7s won't fit). The SP, 6GL7s and stock driver tubes I'll ship in a separate box. I'll also include in this second box the power cord I bought for the WA6. It isn't anything special, but the amp originally shipped without one.
    Roughly. The Sophia Princess and 6GL7s have received the most use, but still = or <450hrs. The 7N7s have <5hrs; I never used them really. The stock tubes have around 100hrs, if that. The stock tubes paired exceptionally well with the Grado PS500; however, I thought any of the tube upgrades I tried (and which are included here) made the PS500 sound too forward (I originally purchased the 7N7s for the PS500). Pairing the LCD-2 with the SP+6GL7 is fine, but not as nice as the HE-500.
    Everything is packed up and ready to go.
    Here's a review of the WA6: http://www.headfonia.com/wooaudio6-tube-amplifier/. And here's another concerning the Sophia Princess tube upgrade: http://www.headfonia.com/sophia-princess-upgrade-for-the-wooaudio6/. 
  2. mthucs
    Hey mate.
    Any chance you'll want to post to Australia? I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  3. Schopenhauer
  4. Schopenhauer
  5. mthucs
    I would pay more for the postage. That wouldn't be an issue at all. Your call mate.
  6. Schopenhauer
  7. madmax7 Contributor
  8. Schopenhauer
    Reopened 7.3. Previously closed due to illness.
  9. Schopenhauer
  10. SuburbanMe
    PM sent, hoping to hear back from you.
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