Like-new Maverick Audio D1 "Tube Magic" DAC-preamp-headamp with GE JAN 5670W tubes, upgraded op-amps
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Dec 16, 2010
I'm selling my Maverick Audio D1 purchased last Christmas. Click below to see the Head-Fi listing and other Maverick D1 owners:

it is in perfect condition, and came from Ryan Ping (great guy) in Shanghai with the GE JAN 5670W tube pre-installed, and I bought a spare, never-used GE JAN 5670W NOS, so you'll have a spare.

It has the LM4562A op-amp installed in the headphone amplifier circuit, and it drives my Sennheiser 650s and Audio Technica ATH-M50s superbly. It has the LT1364A high-speed op-amp in the DAC/RCA-output stage, and passes a very clean signal to a separate headamp, power amp or self-powered speakers, through either a solid-state or tube preamp-out. You can of course "roll" other tubes and op-amps, but this is the optimum price/performance combination according to most Maverick D1 owners.

Nothing at all wrong with this unit; it is a great price-performer. I am keeping my Maverick Audio A1 "Tube Magic" integrated amplifier to use as a head-amp with by brand-new Audio-gd NFB-3 DAC. I don't need all of the control and input flexibility of the D1, and the volume pot on the A1 is enough for me.

Make me an offer. Just don't make it one of those Don Corleone-style "offers I can't refuse." I will ship via UPS ground at my expense to the continental U.S., or internationally via USPS international mail, and will absorb PayPal fees. Orignal box and packaging, of course. If you need a nice Toslink optical cable, I'll throw in the one in the picture. If not, I'll keep it. I need to clear some cash quickly, so I'm not inclined to haggle if you make a reasonable, good-faith offer.

Here is my eBay feedback:

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