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    I have several HP cables for sale all of them listed are literally as if right out of the bag new. In some cases they have literally been used a couple of times and have never left my home. I am not listing pictures because as stated they are in mint condition!

    Moon Audio Audeze silver dragon 5 foot balanced connection AND a balanced to 6.3 adaptor,375.00 SOLD
    Moon Audio Abyss -1266 silver dragon 5 feet 6.3 connection ,300.00 premium verrsion
    Moon Audio silver dragon Mrspeakers 5 foot balanced connection 215.00...SOLD!
    Moon Audio Audeze black dragon 5 feet 3.5 connection 160.00
    Moon Audio Mrspeakers black dragon 5 feet 3.5 connection 160.00
    Moon Audio Hifiman HE1000 silver dragon 5 feet 220.00 v3
    Moon Audio silver dragon Utopia balanced connection 5 feet 300.00 SOLD

    prices are net to me using paypal ,I will cover shipping!
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  2. jlbrach
  3. jlbrach
    bump for the cables remaining
  4. jlbrach
    still have several cables left unsold
  5. jlbrach
    bump for the remaining cables

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