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like new hifiman he500 for sale

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  1. tiabyuzhou88
    For Sale
    I bought this pair of HE500s about 2 months ago from audio advisor through amazon. I've used of 10 hours listening + 80 hours burn in with burn in music. They are in perfect condition with no scratch and they have 3 years warranty!
    I have upload the receipt also.
     I still think he500 is one of the best valuable headphone under $1000. I love the neutral sound of he500, the Planar Magnetic headphone is super impressed me. I tried audeze lcd 2 before, it's little bit dark for me, I was enjoying the sound from he500.
     During this black Friday, I upgraded my he500 to he6, still stick with hifiman :) SO I am selling he500 with fairly low price for only $sold
    +3%  paypal fee. Price is firm. sold i will pay the shipping with insurance.
    I think I like the sound nature of hifiman. Hope it's a great deal for you guys :) 
    comes with : 
    1. Leather storage box
    2. Silver headphone cable (3 meters)
    3. 1/4" adapter
    4. 1 pair of leather earpads
    5. One pair of velour Beyerdynamic earpads (on the headphones)
    6. 2 end connectors (for custom cabling)
    7. Velvet carry case
    8. Registration card and owners manual

    If you'd like more pics or have questions please don't hesitate to ask! :)
  2. alfredpg13
    PM sent.
  3. spawnman
    you have PM!
  4. tiabyuzhou88
    sold :)
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