Like New Cypherus Audio Camp Fred 2 2.5trrs edolic

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by upsguys88, Apr 29, 2018.
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  1. upsguys88
    For Sale
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    • North America
    Best offer:
    Like New Cypherus Audio Camp Fred 2
    2.5trrs edolic connectors
    Limited edition

    $230 Not including shipping and fees.
  2. lowendtheory77
    Would you be willing to for an Audeze Isine 10?
  3. RuFrost
    1) We had conversation with the seller for the deal until I asked to provide pictures and asked about number of the ownership. After that question upsguys88 stopped responding to my messages. PMed him couple more times on May 7 and May 10.

    2) Still have not gotten any response. So potential buyers and administration, please take my note to consideration.
  4. upsguys88
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  5. RuFrost
    1) low-ball? Look here and show me where exactly did I low balled you?
    2) Why you have not tell me that my offer is too low and did not answer me anything at all(what is called ignoring)?
    3) That is so shocking how you call me "psycho", changed your mind without letting me know and continued to ignore me until now, with such outrageous response.
    P.s: why would you ask such a stupid question about "300$ for both", even though you knew it from the beggining? 300$ for one of earbuds you are offering is way to much even with shipping to the moon, what is obvious...
    Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.25.33.png Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.26.54.png Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.28.00.png Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.28.18.png Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.28.36.png Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.28.59.png Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.29.17.png Screenshot 2018-05-29 01.29.36.png
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  6. upsguys88
  7. upsguys88
  8. upsguys88
  9. lowendtheory77

    are you still looking to trade for the audeze isine?
  10. upsguys88
  11. upsguys88
    No just looking for cash
  12. upsguys88
  13. upsguys88
  14. upsguys88

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