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lightweigt bluetooth receiver for HD800? :-)

  1. joaopinto

    the title says it all. Looking for a lightweigt bluetooth receiver that has enough power for my HD 800.

    It should have AptX and a decent battery life. If such a thing exists I would definately use my favorite headphones much more often.

    Best regards
  2. yong_shun
    I think this is a tough task because:
    1. HD800 has a high impedance
    2. aptX will be the limiting factor for performance because of its transmission speed.
    3. A good DAC and AMP are needed for HD800 to fully release its potential.

    Conclusion: I do not really suggest you to use a Bluetooth Receiver for your HD800. It will be a waste. The most I can recommend is get a Bluetooth AMP/DAC combo such as Fiio Q5 or Chord Mojo+Poly combo.

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