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Lightning to micro USB alternatives (aka tired of bulky Apple cables)

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  1. Sarcasmo
    Updated first post for iOS 11.4.1 (still working on all my devices/cables).
  2. Thor71
    Just to confirm that Meenova cable works fine on iOS 12 & Iphone X
  3. Sarcasmo
    Thanks. Confirm that both Meenova cables and the blue Penon cables work on my devices running iOS12.
  4. Luhnk
    Meenova with iPhone xr, works great
  5. lavricables
    the cable is back in stock and yes, it works fine with ios12+ :)
  6. juansan
    Hi could someone confirm that an iPhone could be connected to a Mojo or Hugo2 with an Audioquest lightning to USB A cable AND an Audioquest dragon tail (USB A to Micro USB)? Thanks all very much
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