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Lightning to micro USB alternatives (aka tired of bulky Apple cables)

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  1. teknorob23
    You might want to drop them and email beause they came back in to stock last week and they may not have updated their site. Mine is due to arrive today, so I’ll let you know if it works. If not The meenova lead works seemlessly with my iPhoneX and my wife’s 7 connecting to both mojo and hugo 2.
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  2. ratrace
    I see. Will do that. Please do share after u try the cable. Thanks in advance.
  3. ratrace
    They replied it quite fast, saying that there is a limited quantity available and must email them for an order.
  4. teknorob23
    My Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening to Micro USB cable turned up this morning (7 days to get to UK).

    Packaging is little underwhelming for £100 10cm usb cable as arrived in just a felt pouch with no other paperwork.

    Build quality seams pretty good but not amazing. I would 10cm doesn't leave much room to play with, but short is generally good in terms of SQ and also if your carrying Mojo+Iphone in your pocket then theres not much chance of getting the cables in a mess.

    Good news is that it works seamlessly connecting Iphone 7 and Iphone X to both Chord Mojo and Hugo2. It doesnt matter which way up you connect the Lightening connector, the connection stays constant.

    As its brand new i cant make any observations about sound quality versus the Meenova or Apple CCK connectors, other than to say the audio is fine and works without any problems.

    I'll let it burn for a few days and report back on usage and sound quality :wink:

    Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_1.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_2.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_1.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_2.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_3.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_4.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_5.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_6.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_7.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_8.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_9.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_1.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_2.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_3.jpg Lavricable Reference Silver Lightening Cable_4.jpg
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  5. Sarcasmo
    Thanks for that Rob. It’ll be interesting to see how you get on with it over a period of time. If it’s using Apple CCK components then it should have a pretty long lifetime ahead - assuming the build quality stands up.
  6. ratrace
    NicE!! I am still thinking if i should pull the trigger on Lavricables though. that price of tag of US$100!!
  7. teknorob23
    yep its a lot of money for linking a phone to DAC which in itself is not the perfect audiophile set up. It will be interesting to see if it reduces RF noise from the iphone and in turn the sound quality. I can definitely hear an improvement from good USB cabling in my domestic hi-fi set up, but obviously i have much more controlled listening set up than when i'm travelling with Phone/DAC which will make up the majority of usage. I expect any audible benefits will only be heard when using it on my desk, but we'll see. The other thing will be the ergonomics, as its definitely more sturdy than the Meenova and the plugs makes more positive/ secure connection too. Its just whether the short length works out although you can order a longer one, i think up to all of 15cm!! :wink:
  8. ratrace
    I do have the Micro USB to USB-C though. Will the USB-C to lightning adapter head do the trick??
  9. Sarcasmo
    Probably not if you’re thinking of connecting an Apple device. It needs some extra logic to be present in the cable. Apples version of this is the Camera Connection Kit (or Apple USB Camera Adapter as it’s now known). The cables listed in this thread tend to have a 3rd party version of this hardware embedded.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2018
  10. Sarcasmo
    A quick question
    Would be very interested on how this cable shows up on your phone settings (Settings->General - towards the bottom).
    My Apple cable is below:
    And the details are:

    The simple Meenova cable:
    And the details are:

    Wondered what the Lavricables shows up as?
  11. teknorob23
    That’s weird none of the 3 connectors appear in my settings anywhere.What iOS are you on? Mine 11.4 on iPhoneX
  12. Sarcasmo
    Think it might be Settings->General->About
    sorry about that :flushed:
  13. teknorob23
    1EF7991D-7C8E-4B3A-8807-19592EEFCD1B.jpeg 92AC2AC3-072B-4C87-BAA8-409D5681B8D5.jpeg 1EF7991D-7C8E-4B3A-8807-19592EEFCD1B.jpeg 92AC2AC3-072B-4C87-BAA8-409D5681B8D5.jpeg
    Found it :)
  14. Sarcasmo
    Nice one - thanks. I need to check the Penon blue cable I have to see what that reports back as. Might be useful to keep track of things so that if people start having issues we can see which chipsets are giving issues.
  15. Sarcasmo
    Ok, about the Penon cable - strangely the hardware info shows up blank:
    I’ve been lead to believe that it is possible for the cable manufacturer to upgrade the cable firmware, but I’m not sure how this works(?)
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