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Lightning to 3.5mm adapters

  1. imrazor
    In about 6-12 months I’ll probably be ready to upgrade my iPhone 6s. Since Apple recently discontinued *all* models with traditional headphone jacks, I’m left with the prospect of using Bluetooth headphones or getting a Lightning to 3.5mm dongle. I don’t like Bluetooth phones for several reasons:

    1) Sound quality is mediocre at best
    2) They’re expensive for the audio quality you do get
    3) You have to remember to keep them charged
    4) I tend to lose devices that aren’t tethered to my phone/laptop

    So I’m left considering Lightning to 3.5mm adapters (or Lightning headphones, which last time I checked tend to be expensive and can’t be used with my other sources.)

    TL; DR How’s the audio quality of the included Apple Lightning to 3.5mm adapter? Are there reasonably enough priced alternatives?

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