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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. spyder1
    More of Larry Ho's delay tactics. IGG Wave Campaign Funding has been wasted by Larry Ho et al. He refuses to state when the Wave Project will ever be completed.
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  2. greenkiwi
    Actually, this is exactly how you develop. Production boards are not designed to be used for development. You get a dev board that has the appropriate connections and hardware to allow you to debug and control the board. You then have the appropriate connections from that board to your various sub-boards. You don't want to have large computer connectors and various other supporting circuitry on your small production board. The dev board is all about getting the software right and all the pieces working together. Following on that, you put out engineering prototype boards etc.

    And I'll add that this is exactly WHY hardward is so tricky and time consuming to develop and bring to market.

    As a developer, I would fully expect there to be 5 updates around getting things to work as you move from the dev board to the prod board. You expect that and plan for it.
  3. MikeyFresh
    Yes and I am relatively sure if we look back at the myriad of bogus "updates" on the Wave, we will find one or more that had long ago stated they were already at the EP2 or EP3 stage of development. Just like they would be sending out beta tester boards to backers a year ago. All lies.

    If I had to guess, those development boards in the pictures were very likely used for Source development more than anything else, and the Source itself is being shipped to Asia through the retail channel, with one or two token IGG backer units recently shipped to give the false impression that the campaign is actually being fulfilled in any substantial way, which it is not.
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  4. Bill2112
    Well...you can see where they were here:


    As you can see, they were supposedly well past the EP stage and were on Release Candidate 1:

    "This is the current stage we are now. PCB fabrication is done of Release Candidate 1. And PCBA is scheduled to be done before the end of this month. We will have an updated Gantt Chart for the details in the other article."

    Now we are restarting everything?

    Makes one wonder if any of it was really true...probably had no cash then either, especially since the Wave $ went to other projects (before IGG changed the rules to stop this):

    "the $1.6M USD shown on Indiegogo campaign is not 100% directly related to Geek Wave project. There is Geek Source music server, Pulse DAC combo, Headphone holiday sales of Hifiman, Audeze, DSD music download, USB 1G/2G Cable, and IEM-X, Vibrato earbud"

    So given the misdirection of IGG funds, it is no wonder LHL is bankrupt.
  5. Lookin4Treble
    Larry lives in a dream world. Notice the title of that post is, "Why the Geek Wave project took so long? Past tense, like the journey is almost over. And that was 1 1/2 years ago.
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  6. hotteen
    Wave developer’s battery unearthed:

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  7. Brubacca
    But didn't we have a video like 3 years ago of Larry with the development board and they were working on the OS then?
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  8. Bill2112
    We sure did...with other "almost" done pics and nonsense.

    More cool stuff at computeraudiophile about good old Larry

    "Bernard, I've already researched this some time ago. "LH Labs Corporation" is a Delaware corporation. It was at one time registered to do business in California (where LH Labs is actually based). However, this company is no longer authorized to do business in California, as of 2014 (taking a guess here, but there is a good chance they failed to file an annual report with the California Secretary of State and or other items/fees).

    You would have to pay a small fee to find out if LH Labs Corporation remains in good standing in Delaware (I'd bet the answer is "no").

    Larry also formed a separate company "LH Labs, Inc." which is a California corporation, but that entity is also administratively dissolved. Technically, this status exposes Larry to personal liability as his corporate shield no longer exists.

    There is zero chance any governmental agency will file criminal charges against Larry or his companies. However, one could pursue him in civil court. There are challenges to pursuing him in civil court, but it is a possibility."

    Check this out...a good read.


    I can smell the stink from here....

    Hey LH...you better change you about us page saying Peter Duminy is on your advisory board....computeraudiophile boards are stating "Peter Duminy already replied to me that he hasn't been involved with them for at least two years."

    Time to own up to the nonsense and give refunds...or is it a shell game?
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  9. cecil
    @Shawnb, has your Source SE that was supposedly on its way turned up? If so, does it work?
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  10. Bill2112
    I'm going on holidays to Jamaica...I will check to see if there are any Wave beta boards washing up on the beach.
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  11. 514077
    If you see them, make sure you weren't inhaling something.
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  12. Bill2112
    A spreadsheet has been setup to track what people are owed from the LHL/LH Clown Show. This is from computeraudiophile/audiophilestyle:

    I filled in my info, I suggest everyone do the same.

    Original link:



    Sheet has been created:


    In case you want to be part of this sheet pls send me an email to defraudedbylhl at gmail dot com with the following details:

    - username (as mentioned.. it is hidden)

    - "your" forum where you use the username

    - from which continent you are

    - which LHL device(s) you have backed and

    - how much you paid for each backed device.
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  13. marflao
    Thanks for that, Bill.

    Just wanted to add that I would prefer to get the infos per mail instead of requests for accessing the sheet.
    I just want to minimise that the table will be hijacked by a LHL fanboy :wink:

    No offense of course...I´m just cautious.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  14. stuck limo
    LH Labs approves and endorses this sheet, as it can also help us with our records. I also feel it is a good idea that only Markus have access to it to avoid tampering by any parties, for or against LH Labs.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  15. m17xr2b
    I need a dislike button.
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