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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. m-i-c-k-e-y
    I am still waiting for LH's confirmation on the gain switch for the IEM Pkg. But if not, will use my HP amp for my big cans if necessary.

    Please don't be construed differently. The XD128 is very very good already. Only that I have some special needs/wants. Don't want to sway your thoughts on my decisions.

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  2. jdog
    So, am I reading this all correctly?   I'm very new to this experience, so I just have a few questions.  The company asking for donations has a basic plan for this DAP/DAC and several modifications are available either due to total funds raised or due to individual donor contributions?  The company is not really "selling" these Geek Wave players at the present time, but based on individual donations, one could receive a perk (eg, Geek Wave player) sometime in the future?   What are the chances that these players will not be built at all, so despite a donation, the donor never receives a perk (eg, Geek Wave 32 gb player)?  Secondly, assuming that the players are built as advertised, when should a donor expect to receive his/her perk?  I saw that some perks would be delivered by January 2015 and others by March 2015; is the the best time line to expect for the perk?  I hate to sound like a skeptic/cynic, but I am just trying to get some clarification as to what to really expect if one donates to this cause.  In fact, I've already made a donation, so I'm obviously ready to live with whatever eventually happens with this music player...  Thanks.
  3. John Dowland
    A few days after they introduced the IEM Pkg I went for it as well. I doubted about the THD pkg also , Didn't know the two could be combined, Since I
    primarily  gonne
    use it as a portable player I thought the IEM pkg  would be the best option for me.
    Btw, If someone is swaying my thoughts it's LH, cause if I didn't go for the IEM pkg, I would have always wondered how would it had sounded if ...
    As do many I think. Wonder what they'll come up with next
    [​IMG] The only big question for me now is where I can download: 32 bit/384 kHz and DSD 64 or 128 audio files. Any ideas on that one?
  4. jdog
    Well, like I said, I've already donated (and the perk you listed was the one I chose).  I was just curious to know how likely we'll be to actually receive a player and how close the player will be to what is being planned.  If there is really no way to know, then there is no way to know....  But for those of you that know this company or people involved with the company, do you think that chances are good (>90%), so-so (50%) or unlikely (<25%) that we'll actually get a "perk" equivalent to what we donated for?  I know that musicians often use this kind of process to record an album, but it seems that this process typically leads to an album (or other perk) that you will actually receive.  So I guess the real question here is:  1).  Is this a legitimate company that is offering the prospect of very high quality products that will suffer irreparable (fatal) harm if they fail to come through with the perks; or 2) Is this merely a collection of dishonest thieves who are playing on the weaknesses of willing participants?  For now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this company falls under question 1.  Thanks for any insights that anyone can offer...
  5. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Ha ha ha They are very legit. and very cool persons.
    Here is what I know....
    LH Harmonics is a respectable company having the award winning, very high quality Da Vinci DAC in their sleeves.
    (Major reason that I jumped the badwagon w/o some reserves).
    Larry (Pres), Gavin(VP Mkt), Manny(Support), Gerry(Sales), Kim(Mkt), Sean(Sales) and others are ALWAYS in contact in the Geek Force Forum.  Why not be a member there and see for your self....
    The Geek series is their answer to provide very high quality product for the masses
    Their first crowdfunding was Geek Out a portable USB DAC released from KS. Delivery promised by mid Jan/14 but released Apr/14 due to some QC and supply issues. All all but those who have mailing address and custom issues have been released.
    Upcoming release is their Geek Pulse DAC/AMP desktop version. They are now testing their EP2 board and will be releasing a survey soon for confirmation of perks (it went way out of hand with 40 variants and $1M funding).  
    Now in IGG is Geek Wave a hybrid DAP+DAC/AMP. Full control thru BT w/ smartphone (DAP/DAC/AMP is completely independent from smartphone). Limitied playing controls in DAP as standalone player. 
    Next is Geek Stream. A DAC/AMP with streaming capabilities from smartphone.
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    www.prostudiomasters.com - Canadian, wide variety of styles, decent prices
    bleep.com/stream/24-BIT%20WAVS - UK, Contemporary & electronic, great prices +$1.00 for hires, typically 24/44
    www.qobuz.com - French, very large variety and depth, excellent website but must be translated from french. Good sales/discounts
    store.acousticsounds.com/superhirez - USA, Great source for DSD, high quality remasters
    www.hdtracks.com - USA, One of the first hires sites, typically PCM only, wide variety of styles
    music.e-onkyo.com - Japan, some rarities, large catalog
    nativedsd.com - Netherlands, native DSD recordings, excellent SQ, limited selection for now...the newest
    www.eclassical.com - classical, jazz, world and folk, great discounts/sales, thorough classical selections
    www.linnrecords.com - UK, wide variety, good amount of 24/192
    www.channelclassics.com - DSD
    bluecoastrecords.com - EXCEPTIONAL sound quality, you may not find an artist you know but worth having one of their recordings to hear what is possible with DSD
    www.2l.no - Norway, again small label and great recordings
    For Free Sample you can start with this:
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  7. SCTinkering
    As tempting as this might be, I am a Windows Phone user so won't have access to the "control via smartphone" because there won't be an app for a long time if ever.
    I do give them credit for having a user replaceable battery though.
  8. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Player is through BT interface.
    So its just software. We need to ask though if Windows mobile is supported.  I know Windows desktop, yes. 
    Edit: confirmed no windows mobile support as of now.
  9. johanchandy
    They have done so much in such a small amount of time! You've convinced me to get a Geek Wave 32. I'm hoping the only difference between the 32 and 64 is the internal memory right?
  10. thirdman
    FYI, Larry Ho(owner and Lead Engineer)  just asked on the comments page if Funders would like WiFi and Airplay. Go to the comments tab here
    For those not aware he Designed and sells this, the Light Harmonic Da Vinci Dual DAC, price is $30k and recieves high praise.
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
    And Ototoy is Japanese and also excellent.
  12. thirdman
    FYI Anyone can Join the geek Force.  They will be giving a sneak peak of the upcoming perks on Instagram @geekbylhlabs.
  13. Dave74
    Customs issues, so does this mean that if I ordered from Canada I could run into issues due to Canada customs and not receive the "perk"?  Or is it other countries experiencing issues?  Or did you mean some people had custom orders?
  14. m-i-c-k-e-y
    The custom issue I was referring was Australia thru their local distributor. They had this weird experience of a shipment returned to them. They are also changing shipment strategies especially Europe. USPS Priority Boxes are treated as ordinary mail.

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  15. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Dual DAC option and additional THD Upg. just posted.

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