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LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. germay0653
    Chassis issue is a fabrication...issue! :deadhorse: With CNC machining on a flat topped chassis, this can't possibly be true unless they were given the wrong specs, or the manufacturer did not follow, for location of the holes. This far into the process I find the latter to be unbelievable as the cause.
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  2. MikeyFresh
    They did, that "update" was on Nov. 1, 2017, though it wasn't supposed to be cheap nor stamped, and the original case "option" was also supposed to still be in production and remaining available, albeit in lesser quantities with longer production time.

    Then LHL produced exactly nothing, neither case has actually been manufactured for use in fulfilling the IGG orders, now 19 months later.
  3. jsiegel14072
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  4. Hercules
    Hi Jarek, when can I expect my Signature Tube Stage and CCX7?
  5. sjp770
    New chassis looks better than the last VCR design. If it means the device actually gets delivered..

    All I can say is there better not be any extra postage or duties... A reminder the items were to be sent with a lower declared value than the supposed RRP
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  6. germay0653
    If there are no funds to actually produce the finished products, what's the point of this exercise? Are you seriously saying it took over one to two years to come up with this case design? No one, to my knowledge, has received any product, Wave, Vi DAC or otherwise, in the last 3 years. Would I like to get mine? Sure would but I'm not holding my breath as all we've seen to date is smoke and mirrors!
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  7. jsiegel14072

    In case you missed the big news: Another
    announcement of being close to doing something:

    Vi DAC Tube Chassis 6/25 Update

    Modified on: Tue, 25 Jun, 2019 at 1:07 AM

    Hi everyone,

    We apologize for the downtime between updates. After a lengthy amount of time, product tweaking and manufacturing tests, we have finally landed on what is planned to be the end design of the Vi DAC Tube chassis [see attached pictures]. This design should be much more stable and easier for the factory to produce. The previous designs we thought would work continued to fail, so re-design steps had to be taken in partnership with the factory. The main points on this are:

    1. We are down to one factory right now. The previous designs on the Vi DAC Solid State and Vi DAC Tube WILL NOT BE USED. We tried 5 different factories and none were able to reproduce solid results on a regular basis. We apologize for any inconvenience over this and we hope everyone enjoys the new designs regardless.

    2. Expected stable production value; much less fail rate.

    3. The top is designed for perfect air flow with enough finger room to reach in for tube swaps, while also avoiding mass exposure to dust.

    4. Pilot production is expected to occur in 3 weeks for both the remaining Solid State and Vi Tube units. The second week of August is the projected timeline for manufacturing/assembly. When more information is available, that will be posted.

    Again, we hope this new design works out properly and we hope that everyone is satisfied with the results. If you have comments, as always, please let us know.

    LH Labs team

    AND it may look something like this: (I guess square corners are no longer sonically a problem.
    mmexport1561348174585.jpg mmexport1561348170707.jpg mmexport1561348165199.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  8. erniejade
    I really hope if we do get them, they are beyond amazing because resale will be garbage. . I have seen some folks trying to sell a vi for about a year and no one will touch it. I have also seen a pulse with LPS for sale and I think the person was having a hard time even getting $300 for it.
  9. m17xr2b
    That's a Light Harmonic product not LH Labs.
  10. erniejade
    Not following you. The vi started out as pulse. I thought light harmonic was lh labs since both products are on the same manufactures website.
  11. germay0653
    Same people but different legal entities and LH Labs is now defunct!

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  12. erniejade
    Got ya. Makes sense.
  13. m17xr2b
    My sweet summer child, some of the money poured into LH Labs has been use for R&D for Light Harmonic products, I'll eat my shoes if this doesn't end up on next to the Source on the light harmonic website for sale with a few scattered to backers just to keep people quiet. No one gives a fig anyway.
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  14. BlakeT
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  15. MikeyFresh
    Really? There's been no update of any truth or substance for years now. All of the 2018 "updates" were complete garbage, as were the Nov. 2017 announcements of a new chassis option.
    Planned to be the "end design", or is the end design? If it's only planned to be, then it isn't necessarily the final iteration, is it? This is classic BS choice of words, so damn clever how you try to use the very same tactics over and over again as if you are succeeding in leaving additional wiggle room or fooling anyone. You aren't.
    So those stories of Larry personally working with the machine shops to develop new tooling to stabilize the process and cure the failure rate problem going back to 2015 were all completely false BS. Not a shred of truth to any of that, and this is just another version of that same ongoing story with minor variations inserted.
    You've never had any factory under contract to produce these chassis, all you've ever done is yank chains and ask for product samples, using those product samples to ship out a very small handful of units to the retail market.
    Right, but how is that the case when you've only "planned" to have the end design? Is that design now black only? Is it still milled from T6061 or is it a cheap casting? All this time the designs were a gun metal grey, an intentional choice (a million years ago) to split the difference between black and silver, so that it would aesthetically match systems in either color. Now it's black with gaudy gold side strip of some sort? I don't even know why I'm posing that question as it's moot when you aren't going to produce this "version" either, just like all the rest.
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