LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. doctorjazz
    So, is the case still optional? Do we still have a choice between the old and new cases? Is it a choice between the new case and the old one that is defective? Not much of a decision there.
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  2. wwyssh

    Hi Jarek,

    Since you are online, can you send my the update on my case as promised on Wednesday? I'm still waiting for the "tomorrow" to come.

  3. stuck limo
    The new chassis is optional. You have the choice of:

    1. Old chassis (no defects)
    2. New Chassis
    3. (HOPEFUL FUTURE OPTION) Old chassis with defects.
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  4. erniejade
    Will the same boards and components that were going to be in the original be in the " replacement"?
  5. stuck limo
    Yes, nothing has changed.
  6. erniejade
    Can i suggest, on the new case, maybe instead lf all dull grey or red and grey they have shown, maybe all red or all silver or, color choice to give them a personal kind of touch?
    Kef did this with their LS50 and 50w.
  7. stuck limo
    I'll pass that on but I think in the name of simplicity, it won't happen. But I will definitely let the team know for you!
  8. germay0653
    The updates are welcome. Thank you Jarek!

    I still prefer the old chassis and still want the Vi Tube DAC SE with all CCX modules I perked for. Even at crowd funded prices it wasn't inexpensive or even affordable for most.

    What troubles me is that if some number of chassis, even fewer than anticipated because of defects, are being produced, assembled and shipped why has no one, and I mean no one, posted that they've received one? If that's false, please point me to the post(s). It's of very low probability to just hear crickets if product is being delivered. I know the unit will sound very good because of the review Josh Junker posted several years ago about the Vi Tube DAC he received.

    What will stop all this noise is delivery of the product, plain and simple.
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  9. MikeyFresh
    Nice attempt at spin, I took a no comment on this forum but still you couldn't resist trying to paint me as the bad guy when 3 months goes by and you've got no more detail on the new chassis other than some sort of software renderings?

    Deflecting blame at me isn't going to work here, I of course have ZERO to do with LHL's numerous shortcomings or inability to deliver product over literally years time.

    I never said any other backers were a waste of time, those are your words, not mine, you don't speak for them anyway. Again, nice try at painting me as the bad guy.

    No, the point of the updates is to provide real information as to when you'll be shipping product, this is not LHL's forum, it's an an entirely separate public forum that I am free to comment in with regard to reaction (or lack thereof) to LHL's "updates". The buzz I referred to would be the backer's reaction, and not some update goal of LHL's.

    You are sure everyone appreciates my input huh? How did you arrive at that conclusion?

    Save it, I took a no comment on your non-update and still you snipe at me, as if I should be super happy at how better informed I am now then I was previously.
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  10. MikeyFresh
    My last post in this thread prior to 1pm EST today was on December 21st. Not exactly "prominent", thats 6 weeks ago, unless of course you weren't referring to me.

    So you've got a private chat group going consisting of members that wish to do what, complain to you about other members as you insinuate, or complain to you about their undelivered LHL products they paid for years ago? I call BS.
  11. stuck limo
    Yes to both.
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  12. stuck limo
    I can't comment on why they don't post on here. I'll try to get a list of where we shipped.
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  13. stuck limo
    Hi everyone, just wanted to verify: We've gotten reports of Chinese retailers selling our gear. We only have two (2) retailers in China that are authorized LH retailers: Yosemite in Shen Zhen and TYLD in Beijing. If you're in China and you're not in one of these locations, you're in a non-authorized retailer who is selling gear they did not obtain from us.

  14. Hercules
  15. stuck limo
    I'm still exploring the idea of offering "B Stock" chassis to backers with Larry. So, if you're interested in a "B Stock" chassis, I need to know the level of interest from backers. Submit a ticket to Freshdesk with the title of "Vi Dac B Stock" and I'll put everyone into a special folder that I can present to Larry. I have no guarantees we will actually offer it (still exploring #s and logistics) but the more people who show in interest, the more "likely" it is.

    Include your name and email address used on the order/current email address and the order/invoice # so I can get all of your information. Thanks!
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