LH Labs Geek Pulse XFi with LPS (240v) and Lightspeed 1G USB Cable
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Dec 2, 2008
XFi is brand new in box. The one in the picture being used is my OTHER XFi unit. 
LPS has been used for a couple of months and works beautifully. 
I can confidently say that this combo will get you the best possible sound this side of $1000 USD. 
The combo price here is LOWER than the crowdfunded price! Seriously grab this bargain while you can. The MSRP of these items is upwards of USD$4000.
Price does not include paypal fee or shipping. Will ship worldwide. 
Please note that LPS is 240v. 
If sold separately the XFi is $750 and the LPS $325. I prefer to sell in a combo and shipping will be better value for the buyer. 
The XFi Pulse is far superior to the regular Pulse.  Having also owned a Concero HP, it's absolutely a no contest win for the XFi. This is the best DAC I've ever owned and the built in amp is surprisingly really good! 
I had been previously using some awesome bargain Audio GD units (NFB-1 and NFB-6) but the XFi sounds noticeably better to my ears. 
I am selling because I already have another XFi and LPS4 which I am currently using (the two pictures of XFi being used with LPS4). I also have the Pulse Infinity coming later. I have too many XFi units because I over-ordered/purchased in my quest to get a unit quickly; which is why I am happy to sell for a slight loss just to recoup some cash. 
Note that I have another XFi on the way. If you are in the USA let me know as I might be able to redirect it to you. This would result in free shipping. 
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