LH Labs Geek Out v2+ Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by lifemovingforwa, May 6, 2015.
  1. peter123
    That's quite expensive for the adapter. I've been buying several from Venture Electronics at half of that price including shipping by ePacket and I'm very happy with them.
  2. upsguys88
    Anyone looking to sell their go2pro?
  3. skablin
    My V2+ is up on Audiogon
  4. jbr1971
    After running the GO2PRO through my test track playlist (various genres and file/bit formats) I am very impressed with it. My initial impression is that it makes me think of a portable Pulse Xfi. It will be interesting to see how it sounds after some burn-in.

    Coming from a Dragonfly Black as my laptop DAC, the sound has tightened up nicely, detail retrieval has increased, and soundstage has opened up (all significantly).

    I look forward to using it as part of my portable rig as well when I get a new smartphone.
  5. stuck limo
    Good to hear! I just ordered my buddy one for his main system, so we're both excited to see how it sounds compared to the other Geek Outs.
  6. stuck limo
    So having heard the V2+ now, the V2+ is actually more laid back and mellow sounding than the V2. The soundstage is probably about the same. It just doesn't have the liveliness of the V2 or 2A. Detail all seems to be there, it's just super mellow. The V2 or 2A may be a bit "brighter" but it's probably pretty negligible. I hope to borrow the V2+ again soon and compare in depth. My buddy's GO2Pro should be arriving Tuesday so we'll compare as well the 2A, V2+ and GO2Pro.

    The charge time is really annoying. However, the GO2Pro allows you to bypass the battery and use it directly as you would a V2 or 2A, so no charging is necessary.
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  7. InebriatedGnome
    After hearing so many good things about the GO and 2A, I'm considering switching my ALO Pan Am out for one of these. For those who've experienced both, would you recommend the switch? It would be nice to have something that runs solely off USB power.
  8. marflao

    just to be clear: the GO2A is a USB only DAC.
    If you´re looking for a battery driven DAC you probably looking for the GO2Pro.

  9. InebriatedGnome
    I don't want to do anything fancy with the power supply; anything that feeds the DAC adequately is good enough for me. I'd actually prefer USB power for convenience.
  10. marflao
    If you want a "mobile" solution (connected to your smartphone or DAP) then the GO2Pro is the preferred option.
    Otherwise if you only use a DAC conneced to your PC/MAC then GO2A is the way to go.

    BUT: guess most of us here will tell you that the sound is great and the QS and support is sh....well let´s say...has a lot of room for improvement.
    Hence of course your own decision if you´re willing to order from LHL brandnew or going the used route.
  11. InebriatedGnome
    Ah. Well, there seems to be a great deal on a GO720 on the forums right now, so I may just go with that.
  12. stuck limo
    You can't go wrong with any of the original GO hardware, if you go with the older models. The 720 is thicker and richer than the 450, so if you're used to a tube sound, you may enjoy that model more.
  13. InebriatedGnome
    Awesome. I'll compare to the Pan Am and if it's a good enough replacement I'll pass it on to a forum member for a bargain :)
  14. rigo
    Wait so how do you bypass the battery? It can run without a charge?
  15. stuck limo
    I actually don't have one yet, but Larry has told me it does run without a charge. The upcoming Wave also does.That's why I got a GO2Pro for my friend who previously had a V2+ and hated the charging aspect. (It should be coming tomorrow so we can try it out) I'll also double check with Larry on it, because I've never seen one in person or in action. When I get it and play with it, I'll post back exactly how to do it.

    The instruction manual states:

    "BLUE RED AND GREEN LED ON (simultaneously) =

    Geek Out 2Pro is ON an external charging source is connected and the battery is discharged. The blue Green will start blinking alternatively; Geek Out 2Pro will not operate neither will it charge the battery since the charging current is immediately used by the unit.

    Turn off your Geek Out 2Pro and allow at least 5 minutes to minimally charge the battery and operate the device autonomously without an external charger. "

    Also states:

    "Step 3
    Enjoy Your Music

    1. Connect your Geek Out GO2 Pro into your Computer's USB port using the USB cable provided in the packaging.
    2. Then turn on the device with the Power switch located next to the charging port on the GO2 Pro side.
    3. Plug in your Headphones using the 3.5mm Headphone jack."
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