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LH Labs Geek Out v2 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by lonelyers, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. GrouchoMarx1933
    Good to know, thanks! I was using low gain.
  2. bavinck
    Can anyone confirms this works OTG with a note 3?
  3. mscott58

    If you want to go OTG you'll need to get a V2+. Cheers
  4. bavinck

    Don't think so. The plus adds a battery, but the regular should work on Samsung handhelds. Pretty sure anyway.
  5. NZtechfreak

    I've used the regular V2 with a Note 4, but that doesn't mean it'll work with the 3 as Samsung increased the power output to OTG devices with each successive generation up until the Note 4 (I've tested OTG more rigorously than most, as per my long neglected youtube channel). The battery drain was pretty fierce though, you'd want a big extended battery if you were going that route. I did get it to work with other Droids with an OTG Y-cable and external power source, but it's a bit finicky and often required multiple connection attempts, in addition to being less friendly for portable purposes.
  6. bavinck

    Thanks, doesn't sound like the solution I am looking for.
  7. mscott58

    Yep. That's the use case the V2+ was designed for, not the V2.
  8. nbakid2000
    Is this a "true" balanced output or a fake balanced? Someone else in another thread was asking/telling me it wasn't a "true" balanced output and I had no idea.
  9. uncola
    Your friend is incorrect
  10. bavinck

    Yes, I see what you mean now. Thanks. Any ideas how I can buy a v2+?
  11. tvnosaint
    Maybe because of no balanced input ?
  12. mscott58

    It's a digital input - balanced doesn't really apply.
  13. ufospls2
    I'm having some trouble with the DAC in my main system. Is it possible to use the Geek Out V2 as a source, even though it would be amplified? Going from the SE output to RCA into my amp? I think this would be fine, but just want to check I won't do any damage. Thanks!
  14. oneguy

    There won't be any issues with this. I ran my Geek Out 720 directly to my active speakers before I received my Pulse Infinity. I used a TRS to RCA cable and it works just fine.
  15. GrouchoMarx1933
    I'm running Pono Music World (a fork of Jriver) on my Mac using Core Audio output to my GOV2. Even though my computer is showing that the sound is outputting at 24/96, my GOV2 is only showing 2X. Is this a common issue?
    Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I see that it remains at 2X for 88.2 and 96.
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