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LG V50 ThinQ Smartphone

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Emerald Core, May 29, 2019.
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  1. Emerald Core
    Starting the interesting thread of the meridian tuned LG V50 ThinQ.

  2. musicday
    So, basically same phone as the V40, differences are minor but are great.
    855 vs 845, 4000 mha vs 3300, a bit thicker and heavier, 3 times thicker internal coper cooling pipe, 5 G in board.
    Hopefully the battery will last much longer when 3 or 4 G selected.
  3. Emerald Core
    I think we need to hear more from owners and see if they really made that tuning worth considering.
  4. Mikooki
    Is it going to be using the same dac chips as the V40?
  5. stuck limo
    I'm waiting to hear when they'll update the DAC chip.
  6. spinrite
    Love my Korean version. It's blew my expectations.
  7. Emerald Core
    Can you do me a favor and run Antutu benchmark in it ?
  8. musicday
    Can you switch to 3 G or GSM in the settings? I am thinking to buy too the V500 N, is £667.
    Also how is the battery life when watching Netflix for example, or browsing? Thank you.
  9. Emerald Core
    I just ordered one from UK.
  10. musicday
  11. Emerald Core
    Wondamobile site
  12. musicday
    That's the V500N, the Korean model. It will come with some blootware that cannot be uninstalled.
    I hope they will update to Android 10 the V50.
  13. spinrite

    Here you go... Yes

  14. spinrite
    Capture+_2019-05-30-02-21-43.png Capture+_2019-05-30-02-21-23.png
  15. spinrite
    Battery has been very good. Improving after a week of use, it's settled into about 9 hours SOT
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