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LG V30

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ModestMase, Aug 28, 2017.
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  1. Ales75
    How your headphones sound on the V30, i may have a good deal amd currently investigating..
    Thank you
  2. golfinggino
    both sound great I haven't turned on my fiio x5 3rd gen / fiio a5 combo in weeks
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  3. Ales75
    Thank you....
  4. RuiPP
    Can you tell (or retell) us why do you think the V20 is inferior? Thanks.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  5. csglinux
    Just to be clear, I was only talking about the form factor. Compared to the V30, the V20 has no IP68 waterproof rating, it's also heavier and quite a lot bigger, despite having a smaller screen area: (body size = 159.7mm x 78.1mm for the V20, vs 151.7mm x 75.4mm for the V30). The V30 is already at or beyond the limit for me to comfortably use one-handed.
  6. RuiPP
    Got it.
  7. tienbasse
    Each person has his/her own priorities. But I can tell you that for a smartphone that is also used as a DAP, autonomy by far beats waterproofing for many people.
    Access to bigger batteries is ONE major plus, as is the second screen that disappeared.

    LG has compromised too much with V30, without even improving the Quad dac specs or settings. But hey, audiophiles don't matter, marketing rules the world.
    And now, they even announce a 256Gb version so they can sell it for 1+ k$ like iPhone X or Galaxy S9. Just great... or not...

    Electronic brands seriously have to rethink what innovation is really about. It's about things that actually brings a plus for users.
    Bezel-less is an ergonomy abomination that only complicated touchscreen programming (because you constantly touch screen borders without bezels).
    2:1 screen ratio is an ergonomy abomination for browsing (but it makes screen manufacturing yields higher ==> lower production cost ==> more profits)
    And now people are going to copy the infamous iPhone X sensor bar that is ruining the screen?

    This is NOT innovation, this is marketing pushing features that are convenient for manufacturing or aesthetics.
    I'd be curious to see how many people these brands employ in R&D. Probably more managers than people actually inventing stuff in the field.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  8. stenog
    I don't agree with most of this...:)

    I don't need or want a second screen or a replaceable battery. I have never changed a battery in any of my smartphones i never used the second screen on my V10 or V20. Never saw the point in them.

    Smaller bezels is the way to go. Same size phone but bigger screen, win win. I don't have any problem with navigation a smartphone with small bezels.

    75 volume steps in both G6 and V30, by default, thanks LG :thumbsup:.

    Agree with you about the 256 gb version. LG is losing money! They don't earn any money by putting a quality dac in the V30 or any other smartphone and they don't have first access to snapdragon 845. Probably the main reason why the G7 hasn't been published yet.

    At least LG is(or maybe was) trying to come out with quality sounding smartphones.
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  9. alota
    After read this thread and after watched some videos on youtube i don't understand one thing: when an hedphone is connected, android ask if you want connect the quad dac that it's the sabre.
    So the user choose normal or quad-dac.
    I'm right or wrong?
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  10. stenog
    No. Connect a headphone and quad dac is automatically activated. Connect a headphone with more than 50 ohm and high impedance mode is automatically activated.

    In settings you can manually turn it on/off.
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  11. alota
    thank you. so the sabre is always on with headphone? high impedance mode meaning what? more power?
  12. VI001101106

    To clarify, OP may be talking about the prompt that appears the first time you plug in headphones (that prompt appears and it can be disabled-click on 'do not display again'). More often than not, reviewers leave this prompt enabled to show the DAC abilities.

    It's true that the user can choose whether to use the 'normal' DAC or the Sabre one, but once you choose one, you don't have to select it every time you plug headphones in.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  13. stenog
    High impedance means lots of power. You need to read this thread....:)
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  14. 24thchromosome
    Its already available in the China markets since Oct 2017. You can find it on taobao.com or jd.com. Just do a search and you will find quite a handful of sellers.
    Not sure how different this chinese variant is from the international one on Indiegogo, probably just a matter of switching language to English, side-loading google play and deleting a few unneeded chinese apps. I'll most likely grab one on my next biz trip to china to try it out.
  15. germanium
    High impedance more accurately means more drive voltage with the V30. More drive voltage does not necessarily mean more power than low impedance. 0.5 volt into a 32 ohm load which is in low impedance mode will deliver more power into the load than 2 volts into a 600 ohm load which is in high impedance mode .
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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