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LG v30 vs Iphone XR

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by precisionmike, Dec 7, 2018.
  1. precisionmike
    Hello All,
    Long story short.....I have an LG v30. As an audio player, it is great. As a phone, it is the worst phone I have ever had, always iphones in the past. So I bought an iphone XR. As a phone, great. As an audio player, its just ok at best. In addition, it is very fatiguing to listen to. My ears ring after 30 minutes.
    I am considering going back to the v30. So my questions....would you agree that the v30 is far superior as a player? Also, for those with a v30, do you have issues with the unit? I am using the phones with Noble k10s.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. archy121
    Keep both as I am doing - I have the XS MAX.

    Use V30 as a Sim Free dedicated DAP player with UAPP and streaming Apps like Tidal and Spotify. You have benifit of LDAC support if you were to go wireless in the future with a BT adapter such as the ES100. Make sure to check out the LG V30 Tricks and Tips thread to get the best out of it. Also check out the dedicated LG V30 thread for possible more answers.

    Having said all that I listened to my XS last night first time ever having completely written it off. It was surprisingly good. In fact from my short listen and comparison of Suncity album using Tidal I was unexpectedly enjoying the music more from the iPhone XS - better clarity and immersive. I used the standard apple headphone adapter on the iPhone and Fidelio X2 for listening on both.
    I intend to listen to some local HD music and really figure out if the iPhone is really better to my ears or if it just the case of Tidal/Album/X2 combination that worked well. GL
  3. precisionmike
    Hey thanks for the detailed feedback, I appreciate it. Since I wrote that post, I am been able to determine that my v30 was defective, hence all of the phone related issues. I purchase just over a year ago but had registered for their 2-year warranty. They are replacing the unit. I did another audio comparison of the units. The Iphone seems to have an artifact that is simply annoying. I cannot put my finger on it, harshness in the midrange. I wonder if the XS and XR have the same audio section?
    I was thinking of the idea of using the v30 as just a DAP, but I am not wanting to carry both. At this point, I think I will go back to the v30.
    You mentioned UAPP, I have never heard of it. I was using Neutron on the v30. I wonder if UAPP is better? Thanks again.
  4. phiemon
    Don't know: I compared the V30 and the iPhone X with Apple-Adapter and I could notice barely any sound quality difference between both. So I decided to stay with the iPhone X. I have the Campfire Andromeda.

    The Samsung S9 sounds noticeably good!
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  5. archy121
    Good thing you took out extended warranty.
    I have used Neutron before and now prefer USB Audio Player Pro. It’s just simpler to use without a Frankenstein looking interface. It natively works with the built in V30 DAC and setting up but perfect is straight forward. I also prefer UAPP because it integrates Tidal music which I find handy. UAPP is lacking in some basic features but the developer seems very good. He interacts and takes feedback on these forums. Check out v30 tips and tricks thread for guide on setting up Neutron OR UAPP with v30 properly.

    So now I’m curious why I’m hearing the iPhone XS better than you. Wondering if my V30 is faulty ??

    What track and setup do you use to compare the devices ?

    On iPhone Equ and sound normalisation off ?
    V30 in Aux mode ?

    @phiemon as in better than iPhone and v30 ??
    This is creating more confusion for me. I really expected the v30 to standout more from the other two phones going by others opinions.
  6. phiemon
    Yep, I found with the Campfire Andromeda the S9 (EU version) to sound noticeably better than the iPad 10.5, the iPhone X and the LG V30, and this last two phones to sound almost the same with the iphone maybe a bit better. The HTC with analog output was also better than the iPhone, but I made no comparison with the S9. This was my subjective impression.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  7. Sound Eq
    if you look at my profile you will see i owned alot of daps and lg v20, now i can say if you buy an iphone xs max you are in a very good place and honestly you will not need a dap
  8. archy121
    What do you attribute the improved sound quality of XS MAX to when considering it is using the same 3.5mm adapter as the iPhone 7 ?
  9. phiemon

    I bought the Pixel 3 which I use with the iPad USB-C Audio Adapter and it sounds noticeably better than the iPhone X. Just the sound level is not so high, but with my sensitive IEM I find it just right.
  10. Walderstorn
    I have the HTC U11+ after my V30 decided to kiss concrete. Tbh the V30 with IEMs is superior IF they are not picky like the Andromeda (they can sound superb or not good at all depending on the source). As a phone the U11+ is superior but the lack of 3.5 almost kills it for me, the sound is also good adn the UI is the only Android i really like (always root+xposed).

    Now comparing with the XR, this is my gf's phone and like the 7 the sound is "meh" to me. It's not that it sounds bad or anything but the V30 and the HTC U11+ are superior with any of the IEM's i currently own and like to use on a regular basis.

    Is frustrating that all the Phones seem to have their + and -, not one that fits me 100% but as a daily one i'm still using the U11+.

    Nowadays you don't "need" a DAP but i would accept that just for sake of convenience, i don't wan't to drag DAPs again but i do hear their superiority, at least the medium to good ones, so for now i am happy with just a phone.

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