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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. LightBlue77
    I had both sansa clip and v20, the clip is fantastic for the price and size, it has good battery and good amping, not for big cans but still good.
    But v20 is better, the amplifier, the sound quality and it is a smart device. The main issue would be battery which drains fast compare to other phones. Look-up this thread and the internet on how to tweak it for longer life.
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  2. waveriderhawaii
    Thanks LB. Good to hear someone who had both devices. Appreciate your answer.
  3. Larrabeez
    Guys. Just got my V20 today. Just want to ask do i need UAPP if i only streaming in Tidal?
  4. Zildon
    You can stream Tidal from their app of course. However, if you wish to avoid the Android up-sampling inherent in the operating system then UAPP ( which install its own drivers to bypass this) is the way to go. Davy has put a lot of work into the Tidal part of the app. I really notice the difference between that and the Tidal app and it also has quite a nice interface.
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  5. Starfinder
    Sorry I'm a newbie so don't under the power ratings, will the V20 with its 2 volts RMS be powerful enough to drive the Tin Hifi P1?

    P1 Specs:

    Model: Tin HiFi P1
    Driver: 10 mm planar diaphragm
    Impedance: 20 Ω ± 15%
    Sensitivity: 96 ± 3 dB
    Frequency range: 10 Hz – 40 kHz
    Rated power: 5 mW
    Max power: 10 mW
    Max distortion: 1 dB
    Interface: Gold-plated MMCX connector
    Cable length: 1.2 m (3.9 inches)
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    If it helps, It runs my HD600.
  7. Baycode
    20 Ohm... Very low ohmage but 96db sensitivity... Not very sensitive... I guess V20 can power it without trouble. Amplifier sections on LG V10/20/30 are very very powerful.
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  8. Starfinder
    I'm hearing not powerful enough though
  9. harpo1
    You need to trick the V20 into thinking you connected a higher ohm headphone into it by connected a 3.5mm extension cable into it. Do a search on this thread there's several options.
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  10. LightBlue77
    I had v20 and v30, they were driving Lcd2 fazor very well, both in power and sound quality.
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  11. Starfinder
    Thanks for the advice, I think this is likely the solution, but I'm really torn between which method to chose, carry a cable and adaptor everywhere with me or follow the very long guides on rooting the phone then hacking.
  12. Starfinder
    I have an idea, it might be hot garbage but...

    I read to trick the V20 into high impedance mode a +50ohms resistor is required on the right channel. So I took my current IEMs cable, a 3.5mm to 2pin, and bridged the 2pin end with the jack pins on a pair of high impendence (60ohms) headphones I own then plugged the 3.5mm end it into the V20 and success, high impedance mode activated.

    My follow up idea is to get a female mmcx socket and solder in a +50ohms resistor, then when I get the Tin Hifi P1 IEMS I will remove the right IEM, replace with the female mmcx resistor I made, insert 3.5mm end into the v20, then swap the right side P1 back on the cable.

    If successfully the advantages of this method I see are as follows.
    higher quality as no patch cable is needed
    less to carry around.

    I imagine on a 2pin cable, you might only need to use tiny resistor itself, just bridge the pins on the right channel when inserting the cable, then plug in the iem/headphones in

    I'm a newbie so everything I said could be wrong, this is why I humbly submit this idea for the scrutiny of the head-fi hive mind.

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
  13. ezzony
    New to V20. Love the fone itself and the audio quality!

    I was wondering if anyone who is on OREO managed to get Dolby4Atmos working on it. I find D4A produces a really good widening/soundstage effect (Dynamic/movie mode) in combo my HD6XX's which I use when listening to non high rez files and general streaming apps etc. I have it working on my LG G5 with it's b&o dac module but that fone is on Nougat. I have UUAP and Neutron but I'd really like to have D4A as an option as well. I've tried some tutorials on youtube to get it to work on Oreo for other fone models but they don't work on the V20.
  14. 9611838416m
    Do the V20 and V30 have the same DAC? what is the difference in terms of sound between these?
  15. LightBlue77
    As i remember, yes but v30 has dedicated amp, or better amping anyway, and built in mqa support.
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