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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. good sound
    I know, that is why I didn't address that point in my post. I was simply correcting the portions of another members post that were incorrect. I use Tidal combined with UAPP daily on my V20 to bypass Android SRC.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  2. cirodts
    no I do not care about streaming, I have 24/96 flac files etc ..
  3. Raketen
    Amazing how quickly these phones depreciate in value... used only $100-200 depending on the condition, Guess LG's bad rep has some positive consequences :grimacing:
  4. m-i-c-k-e-y

    Now looking forward what a V40 wil bring...:laughing:
  5. Fadem
    Not sure if it's been mentioned, but the PowerAmp V3 beta has been released. It's still missing a lot of features, but seems to be good otherwise. Most importantly: it seems to support Hi-Res output properly (at least 192kHz/24 bit mode shows as active) - does this mean it throughputs audio through the DAC properly now? The link to the .apk-file is on their forums, but I'm not sure if I can link it here.
  6. stuck limo
    Recently received this little dude via Canada from Japan: it's a headphone conditioner that cleans up all interference from electrical or wireless signals. It's from Japan and is essentially not made in this model any more.

    It can run single ended or balanced, and it's interchangeable, so you can run single-ended to balanced, vice versa, or balanced to balanced, or single ended to single ended --- it doesn't matter. I am waiting on a balanced cable to be made so I can run my 2A Sig balanced to balanced.

    The wire that comes with it (shown in blue/white) is crap. The plug is too short and it doesn't "click" into place when plugging into my equipment. I had to use another cable with a longer, more standard plug. The black one is a Cardas cable I got from Amazon for 14 bucks or so.

    I've been running my Geek Out 2A Signature into it, as well as my LG V20 and I gotta say, I'm very impressed so far. I ran my V20 single ended into the Nip, and then ran it out as balanced to my V-Moda M-100 for fun.

    So, impressions over the NIP running from my V20:

    The sound thickens pretty substantially from the NIP. Vocals are enhanced and pushed forward. More weight and punch to the music (especially drums). The sound smoothens out. The volume increases as well by a fair amount. Not really noticing much of a soundstage difference. Everything sounds a bit cleaner. Seems to drive the headphones a bit better. Everything sounds warmer. Some of these are pretty drastic changes, some are less drastic, but all of them are noticeable.

    Nip 1.jpg Nip 2.jpg Nip 4.jpg Nip 5.jpg
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  7. LordOfMusic
    Hello, i seeing on this smartphone and i have a question, who know - the dac is working with earbuds that less then 50Ohm? i was read that the dac on this phone is activate with 50Ohm and more earbuds only(or they meant amplifier?). Tnx for help.
  8. andrewwardell
    The dac is active as long as you turn it on (in the same settings pull down menu where your wifi and Bluetooth shortcuts are). The 50ohm threshold is where the amplifier section switches from delivering a low-level signal to delivering a high-level signal in order to drive higher-impedance headphones and IEMs.
    If you plug the V20 into something like, say your car stereo, or the 3.5mm cable on a lectern, or into a mixing desk, the output senses this and delivers a medium-level output which corresponds with what engineers refer to as ‘line level.’

    <stop typing and waits to be told how wrong he is>
  9. tienbasse
    Very politely: did you even care reading a couple of pages in this thread, because quad-dac has been explained about a thousand times.
    People and instant gratification...
  10. Guys did anyone leave v20 for something more portable and almost the same sound? I'm thinking of buying shanling m0 or hiby r3 but im waiting for reviews.
    Is there anything else ultraportable that has a sound like the v20?I live in Greece and we have nothing special here of daps so i've been searching the net all these days but there might be something i havent looked.

    Its time for me to leave v20 because althought i love the dac i cant stand it as a phone.
  11. LordOfMusic
    Sry i cant found this explanation on the site by search. If you tell me on which page is this, it would be grate!
  12. LightBlue77
    I have a similar dilema and think about turning to either a standalone dap or a possibly portable dac. So everyday i browse in search of a solution to drive lcd2 fazor to its full potential. i switch from ibasso, hiby, fiio x7ii to ifi micro or some other more or less portable dac. But today i compared how v20 sounds directly paired with the fazors against connecting v20 to a burson soloist mkii and plugging the headphones to burson. I had a very pleasant surprise, the sound directly out from v20 had the same quality as via burson. Also the volume needed not be higher than 50, max being 75 as the european version has it. Of course the achieved volume is higher via burson. but in terms of quality, weight, details, soundstage v20 did great without additional amping and i think i might sell the soloist because i knew and now i have it confirmed that fazor version of lcd2 is easy to drive. I don't plan to buy other headphones even if they do not stay very well on my head if i move around. Of course on the road i use some iems but home or in the office i enjoy lcds.
    So i would say that as a portable solution v20 does very well, maybe if you upgrade to v30 you might like it as a smartphone too. I think about it but i wait to become cheaper.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  13. if you see the ultraportables i wrote also support headphones up to 300 ohm. So my guess is those 2 will probably drive your headphones very well. For my needs v20 is enough,im not a power user i just use my phone for messaging,browsing and light gaming. The thing is the screen retention,the software and the size of the phone. I want something smaller. If one of those daps can give me the sound i want or even close to the v20 then i will buy one of these. Lg v30 is a very good smartphone i red a lot of reviews and im sure it will cover my needs but i dont want to go lg again. :k701smile:
  14. good sound
    What's wrong with the V20 as a phone? I think it's great. The camera is very good. No not the best available but as good as I'll ever need and recorded video is extremely good particularly the sound quality. It's reasonably fast, has a very good display, which is why I'm staying away from the V30 and waiting for the V35 or maybe even the V40 in the fall. Tons of internal storage plus SD card slot. The screen is less than six inches which can't even be considered large by today's standards. A little more bloat than neccessary but honestly I don't understand why people complain about that so much, i just ignore it. Yes, the battery life is not great but I have two spare batteries that I can swap out anytime quickly and easily. What other flagship phone these days does that? Now there was a smaller version of the V20 released but only in Japan if I remember correctly. Might be worth looking into. I have owned a ton of phones including two Samsung Galaxy S series, never again, and I find the V20 to be the equal of any other phone I've owned for overall experience.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  15. I bought mine 4 months ago. I took a bit of a risk because i dont have warranty here in Greeceas v20 was never sold officially in europe so now if something happens to my phone im screwed. From what i have red the screen after some months gets a burn in. The software is not that good i have lag in some cases although nothing that annoying yet. The size is my primary complain,i just want a small phone because i go for running and believe me v20 is not good for outdoor training. I prefer having a really small device for training. As a phone i agree its very good. If i can have a really small device with really good sound then i will take it without a second thought! :)
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