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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. 93EXCivic
    So I have loved my LG V20 so far until yesterday.
    I was driving along with the GPS on and about 25% battery life and then it just died. It won't turn back on even connected to the charger. So I guess it is going back for warranty work. I got it the day it came out in the US. Also AT&T's customer service with the whole thing so far has been complete ****. They have been more worried about selling my DirectTV then helping fix the stupid problem.
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  2. oliwek
    Did you leave it on the charger for 2 hours, THEN try to push on the power button for 10 seconds ?
    Push long enough, then release the button, it should turn ON.
    If you see no activity, try to connect it then with a USB cable to your computer. And see if there is activity on the phone or on your PC operative system.
  3. 93EXCivic

    Why would leaving it on the charger for two hours help?
    There is no activity on the computer though. I had already tried that.
  4. Dellwolf
    Plug it into the wall using the charger and cable that came with the phone to charge it to eliminate any variables.
  5. 93EXCivic

    Yeah I did that. As well as a couple other chargers and cables. I didn't leave it plugged in for two hours but I probably left it alone for an hour or so.
  6. oliwek
    I wrote 2 hours just to say : leave it still a sufficient time '(if charge is too low, it won't turn ON). 
    I experienced such resurrections with android devices that didn't turn on after 20 minutes on charge, but did later. There wont be reaction on the PC if charge is near zero.
    Good luck.
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  7. thor777
    Use Foobar2000 on a Windows PC to apply replaygain metadata on your files, then use a music player with replay gain option. Or just use Neutron Music Player which has a normalize feature to analyse your library and automatically adjust volume of tracks.
  8. BrOtO
    This is unfortunate ...you COULD try connecting the phone to charger and while connected , try to boot up .
    Any way , just so you know , LG provides 1 year warranty on accessories(battery , cable etc in contrast with most other phones that provide 6 months warranty on the same
  9. 93EXCivic

    Yeah tried that too. I have started the warranty process. I hope this isn't a sign of problems for the V20 and I just got a freak.
    I really love the V20.
  10. BrOtO
    Pretty sure it was just an odd one ... I have 2 V20s ..one had initial heating issue. Factory reset couple of times fixed it..the other one is kinda flawless..
    Stating from experience ..
    LG battery has excellent retention rate even after years of wear and tear ..
    One time i switched off My older LG phone for months ..when switched on it still had 15% retaining battery ..
    Good luck :blush:
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  11. Incarnation
    Thank you so much, shall check out neutron
  12. vetsin
    I have been puzzled about the normal and high impedance modes being discussed here and other sites since I have only been seeing high impedance mode when I'm using my V20. I didn't know that the Koss Porta Pro can trigger that mode coz I don't think my other phones and mp3 player had any problem driving it. I only saw the Normal mode when I decided to use my Xiaomi Hybrids and check the mode.
    Anyway,the V20-Koss combo is good, even my wife was convinced. :)
  13. TJ Max
    It's because the Koss Porta Pro are 60 ohm. High Impedance mode is triggered at 50 ohm and above.
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  14. vetsin
    @TJ yeah, I checked the spec sheet yesterday after reading all those High Impedance comments. :)
    My Koss was an impulse buy so I didn't really check anything online before making the purchase.
  15. BrOtO
    Been trying to use AKG K240 with V20 without any Amp ..and to my surprise V20 drives it fully even though I had to hike the volume near max .
    High Impedance Mode is Enabled ..Experience in quite Exquisite ..
    I guess it takes an Open back headphone like K240 for one to trully appreciate the revealing nature of Sabre Sound
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