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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Have some time today to organize some test.
    Recorded a 24bit 192khz Flac song on my PC (computer accepts upto 24/192 file thru built in Realtek Audio Codec) with Audacity.
    Screen grabbed its spectrograph on first 6 sec. of song.
    Three groups of equal/similar spectrographs.
    Highest Group: Built in LG Music Player, Player Pro w/o DSP, Black Player EX, and Pulsar
    BlackPlayerEXflac24-192.jpg LGMusicflac24-192.jpg PlayerProflac24-192.jpg Pulsarflac24-192.jpg
    Middle Group: UAPP, NeutronMP. Kamerton, Player Pro w/ DSP, Poweramp
    Kamertonflac24-192.jpg Neutronflac24-192.jpg PlayerProwDSPflac24-192.jpg PowerAmpflac24-192.jpg UAPPflac24-192.jpg
    Lowest Group: Hiby, Google Player, Aimp, Onkyo, JetAudio Plus
    Aimpflac24-192.jpg GoogleMusicflac24-192.jpg Hibyflac24-192.jpg JetAudioPlusflac24-192.jpg Onkyoflac24-192.jpg
    Will retry with DSD later. 
    Just crude experimentation on behavior of various players on V20. Don't know how to interpret the spectrograph. Believe that having more/higher spikes means higher resulution.
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  2. Dellwolf
    Can you try with Tidal?
  3. theaudiologist
    don't quote the whole post
  4. theaudiologist
    1. may i ask what model v20 you have and what firmware?
    2. spectrographs aren't nice with DSD they have to scale from 5kHz to 2800-11200kHz. too much scale and i doubt it works
  5. Chikolad
    Guess what, just experienced a "coil whine"... [​IMG]
  6. WayTooCrazy
    Damn! So not acceptable on a $500+ device. I've been playing mine all day and playing it, and I haven't heard it today (not that I've noticed anyway). I have loaded it up with 2 headphones as well (LCD-2F and TH-X00 PH to help sap battery and charge again). Keep track of it and see if you can find a pattern. Then we can get emails on complaints to Chord so they can do something about it.
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  7. m-i-c-k-e-y
    I have a LH-H990DS running on Kernel 3.18.31 w/ Fw: V10e-ESA-XX
  8. koluludome

    Taiwan model is still on v10c :frowning2:
  9. babeliak
    If you have LG G5 just ebay G5's B&O HiFi "Friend" and you are set.
    It is excellent, in line with V10 and V20.
  10. maxh22

    Have you heard it? Curious about whether or not it's better than the v10 or v20.
  11. Ulises

    The Axon 7 sounds worse in my opinion than a fulla v1
  12. babeliak
    Yes, I've bought it with my G5 and it lives on it permanently. It could drive everything I have thrown at it and pretty well: Sennheiser IE80, AKG K702, Beyerdynamic DT1350, B&O Beoplay H7, H9, B&W P7, Sony MDR-1A, Audeze Sine... Just excellent. Mind you I roll 3 batteries with mine, easy and quick to swap. Power draw in Hifi mode is severe. But you get 2 HP-outs to choose from: standard on top or hifi on bottom with B&O module. I got a cheap charger with 2 extra batteries from Amazon and that's it. I am upgrading to V20 b/c it offers dual SIM and dedicated microSD slot, while G5 Dual has shared microSD/2.SIM slot. I tried V10 before G5. G5 is much nicer phone than V10, which was too big and heavy. Sound quality is equal or better than V10, with B&O "tune". The only donwfall I can think of is the missing manual video mode, which has returned with V20.
  13. stemplar
    Off: LG G6
    ,,...The device also features wireless charging and a Hi-Fi audio DAC, but unfortunately, these features are going to be region specific. So, while wireless charging will be available only in the US, the audio DAC will be limited to select markets in Asia. LG says that this is an informed decision based on consumer wants and needs in each particular region. For example, the demand for wireless charging is quite high in the US, while it isn’t as important in other regions, such as South Korea...,,
    ..money is money.. HiFi Quad DAC in Asian.
    The rest of the Snapdragon 821 plays music. :) :) Or the private import ..
  14. kameenadesi
    the LG V20 is a masterpiece :astonished:
  15. Shinra Kuonji

    The problem is that LG surveyed the wrong people . They survey normally office workers that take audio not so seriously . They know that there is a audio market but only for Asian market which is weird .
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