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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. WayTooCrazy
    Well, I had to file a claim for the broken phone. So I'll be rocking an Xperia Z3v until the LG V20 comes out.
  2. Subhakar

    Is V20 a lot better than V10 in real world sound quality? Any review comparisons? If not a great improvement, I could just pick up V10 for the FM that V20 doesn't offer.
  3. gr8soundz
    Afaik, the V20 is not officially available yet and no one has been able to compare it to the V10.
    On paper, the specs suggest audio quality may be very similar so if you can get a V10 for $300 or less it may be a better deal. V20 will likely be at least twice that price.
  4. WayTooCrazy
    The reviews of the V20 I've seen on YouTube are all pretty crappy. They focus on things like usability, camera, apps, speed, etc. Whatever people, I don't care much for that. I want the audio. It will save me lots of space in my skinny jeans if I don't have to bring a phone and a DAP with me. When are one of these reviewers going to do a real review and check out the audio capability?
  5. gr8soundz
    It was the same for the V10's release. Most reviewers are not audiophiles and/or are unaware some of us will use the phone as a dap. They always go into detail about the camera (since cell phones have all but replaced point-n-shoots) but ignore many of the music capabilities. Guess that is new territory since the V series are the first real challengers to player only devices.
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  6. maxh22
    Here's a good video on audio quality and the V10 & G5.
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  7. gr8soundz
    Excellent video! Thanks for posting it.
    Video is more about the basics of digital audio, equipment, and how they relate to recent LG smartphones.
    Too bad it was made 6 months after the V10's release. Would've been great to see that around the time I bought the phone.
  8. WayTooCrazy
    Now we have to get him to review the audio on the V20 from the press phones.
  9. talkingparrot
    Is it a good idea to mate the LG v20 with a portable amp to power some HD650s?
  10. GoodEnoughGear
    HD650 being an open phone suggests to me you're not going to be using it in a very mobile way typically. V10/20 will technically drive the 650 loud enough, but you really want a decent amp to scale it up to how it really can perform - Jotunheim, for example is apparently a great pairing and will stomp the V20. If you're traveling with them for use in your hotel room for example, then you would want something more portable that can drive the 650 well. Given the size of the 650, you may be able to pack the Jot anyway - it's not that big.
    For on-the-go you're probably looking at a different headphone/IEMs anyway, so I'd get something more sensitive that V20 can manage well.
    Just my 2c.
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  11. Steve Wilcox
    That's very sound advice IMO............but if your budget will stretch to a Chord Mojo you've got all bases covered, though you'd be negating the need for the high quality DAC in the V20.
  12. fordski

    I have a Chord Mojo with my LG V10 and it's a great combination. I use the Mojo/V10  around the house when I'm outside or in, and it travels well for trips etc. The V10 by itself is great just for walking and running where I want something lighter to carry. In my vie wit's a great flexible combination and I would imagine the V20 would be similar or perhaps even better on its own.
  13. maxh22
    I too use the V10 and Mojo combo and use it in a similar fashion as yourself. I take Mojo on trips but use the V10 when commuting, exercising, or just don't need the highest fidelity in that particular scenario.
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  14. maxh22
    Yes, the video trys to break down audio in a way that anyone understands without going overboard on the technical aspect. It's one of the only videos where a reviewer properly goes over the audio quality in the V10.
  15. WayTooCrazy

    If I saw this earlier, I'd probably have gotten the G5.
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