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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. jasonb

    The V10 does, so should the V20.
  2. GoodEnoughGear
    No, it was a regional thing, some regions didn't get them. Mine is an EU model destined for Denmark originally if I remember right.
  3. malifact
    So the V20 is not coming to the UK. I wonder which European countries will get it:
  4. Steve Wilcox
    For potential UK buyers the details are up on the Clove website - https://www.clove.co.uk/lg-v20  - just awaiting price and stock!
    I notice the frequency field in the 4G specs is blank at the moment so I guess we'll have to check these against our preferred network, though the blurb does describe the phone they're selling as being "fully compatible" with all UK and European networks.
    I also notice that the spec sheet says it has an FM radio which seems to conflict with what others have suggested?
  5. musicday
    If there is FM radio is even better.One thing is lacking in my opinion to be the perfect phone- OLED screen.
    Does anyone know if the second screen at the top can be turned off? I have no interest in that staying on.
    Also audio recording will with be on pair with Nokia 808? Amazing if it can match it up.
  6. fordski

    My V10 allows me to turn off the second screen, of course that doesn't guarantee the V20 will.
  7. gr8soundz
    Still have my 808. Amazing camera, audio, and (lower res) oled screen.
  8. musicday
    Had a Nokia 808 myself, still amazing and it came out in 2012. Audio recording is wonderful,i wish someone can port android to it.
  9. headfi19
    yes you can turn off the second screen but little go around kind of thing
  10. musicday
    Not being an OLED screen is very important at least for me to have it off.
  11. Orky261
    OLED burn is not a thing anymore especially in newer gen ones, my note 4 that is supposed to be replaced by note 7 is still soldiering on and no OLED burn out.
  12. Onitsuka
    I like my OLED TV, but sacrificing battery for screen isn't a good idea, especially on smartphone.
  13. Sound Eq
    so are there 2 versions of v20
    so which is supposed to be the better verison and in which country will the BO launced
    do the 2 versions sound different
    why make such a move
  14. gurus
    I have read most if not all the reviews and nowhere any of the reviewers actually say that they have heard the V20 with HPs. They do go into technical details about the Quad DAC and how good it will (could) sound but no first hand impressions of the sound.
    Looks like the B&O tuning won't be on the USA bound phones. It's not clear if the B&O A3 will be offered as an introductory promo package in the USA. There are some hints that it might be for a short time. Also me thinks, the B&O tuning would be specific settings in the software to get the B&O sound sig which probably should be able to be duplicated in any of the LG20's.
  15. musicday
    You sacrifice nothing!
    Have themes and backgrounds darker or black. Only when web browsing white consumes a bit more battery.
    My LG Flex does 19 hours video playback.
    So OLED is best and getting even better.
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