LG K7 from 10 lbs trash, now up! Aristo not bad , does UAPP @ full rates!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by skwoodwiva, Apr 7, 2018.
  1. skwoodwiva
    But you must set hi rez to 24 bit packed &
    Android to variable
    Leave force 16 bit unchecked

    I found this phone on the street, lol.
    My take:
    Interface for A7 better for OTG & such audio niceties.
    But the amp lacks depth of image. No comparison to the z play also a low end phone, just not as low.
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  2. skwoodwiva
    Hold on , this does DSD Boss, an iso extractor to DSF.
    It Screenshot_2018-04-17-00-56-38.png the DFF then is easy to convert to wav for YT video making!

    "is nearly as \ same as the Z.
    It is faster.

    The Z beats in the output section.
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  3. skwoodwiva
    Screenshot_2018-04-17-01-17-23.png LG v10 DAC fixer Seems to work, getting toast!
  4. skwoodwiva
    Screenshot_2018-04-17-01-53-29.png The phone plays

    Here again Hiby fails badly.
    Noththing is even close to UAPP.
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  5. skwoodwiva
    IMG_20180420_211032.jpg Hiby can sound as good as UAPP....
    No OTG support.

  6. skwoodwiva
  7. skwoodwiva
    So is the k 7 as good as the v10?

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