LEVN SK-BTI-031 High End Bluetooth Audio Adaptor with aptX HD

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jeffhawke, Dec 18, 2017.
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    How the usage of aptx hd can be detected, f.i. when using an android device?
  5. kuko61
    I was searching a bit on the Internet :)
    Sky Wing is a company engaged mainly manufacturing bluetooth devices.
    Their retailers sell their products under the brand name Levn. But they are mainly producing as an OEM manufacturer. BTI-031 is sold on the Aliexpress under brand names EastVita or Ostart, on Amazon I found it under the name Elekele or Trond, or Viugreum on eBay.
    Under the Sky Wing's brand Levn its selling on Aliexpress here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lev...Adapter-CSR-BC8675-APT-X-Low/32849513961.html

    Sky Wing offer BTI-031 for wholesale purchase also with different specifications.
    On Alibaba offer version with Bluetooth v5.0 and here its version with Bluetooth v5.0 and 350mAh battery
    http://skywing.manufacturer.globals...st-BT5.0-APTX-HD-high-quality-low-latency.htm But this version I have not found to sell on the internet.
    Bluetooth 5.0 version with 160mAh battery i find on Zapals https://www.zapals.com/bti-031-2-in-1-bluetooth-v5-0-audio-adapter-transmitter-receiver.html , but this eshop has a lot of negative ratings and it's untrustworthy for me.

    Now I need one BT aptx transmitter/receiver, so I'm probably going to buy Levn from Aliexpress. There are still very few devices with aptx HD on the market. And BTI-031 is interesting and inexpensive. I want to test wireless transmission between PC or phone and my headphones and at first I do not need an expensive devices.
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    I'm interested also in the Radsone Earstudio http://majorhifi.com/radsone-earstudio-24-bit-hi-res-bluetooth-receiver-review/ but I cannot find it anywhere online. AFAIK, so far only the Indiegogo pledges have received it. It looks awesome on paper, with a very decent price.
  7. kuko61
    Yes, Earstudio its very interesting. Post from Radstone on Facebook at the beginning of January
    We’re preparing Amazon sales. Almost done. Probably will be launched during 3rd week of this month. But first quantity is limited, more units will be available from 2nd week of next month. Thanks all.

    If you have root, you can use Bluetooth HCI Logger. It creates cap files, that log everything over bluetooth which you can view with Wireshark. You can learn more at XDA.
    Or if you pair the phone for example with Inateck BR1006 recever/transmitter, LED indicates, with which transmission protocol the devices are paired.
    I did not find the BTI-031 manual, so I do not know, if the LED can indicate the use of aptx HD.
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  8. elqbenzo
    BTI-031 indicates the codec used by blinking the LED as well:
    4 blinks every 5s: aptX-HD
    3 blinks every 5s: aptX-LL
    2 blinks every 5s: aptX
    1 blink every 5s: SBC

    It's written in (paper) manual that comes with the device.

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