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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. DJ George T
    I am into this:
  2. suicidal_orange
    Slow and very heavy with no annoying monotone vocals to ruin it - I'm not in the mood now but can see myself enjoying it on another day.  Good name too, not one I'll forget in a hurry...
  3. macrocheesium
    Speaking of awesome metal artists... Zdzislaw Beksinski was incredible. Glad to see this on an album. If any of you guys are into this dark art definitely check out his other work.
  4. markm1

    I don't know why they don't get more traction. I haven't heard their first album. devastating, but totally holds my attention.
    This is kind of funny. You know where I heard about them. NPR!! I couldn't believe it. NPR has some metal guy that reviews stuff on their music link...all music considered or something like that.
    I actually rather like the NPR metal year end 2012 list.....the station my parents listened to all my life :)
    Oh oh, does that make me hipster?
    Well, I've been listening to metal since the late 70's and early 80's when it was decidedly uncool......when everyone was listening to Devo, Elvis Costello (who actually is awesome IMO), The Talking Heads, The B52s and R.E.M.
  5. Tom Yum Goong
    Everything Bongripper ever recorded is great.
    Especially their two mammoth songs Hate Ashbury and The Great Barrier Reefer. Both are +70 minutes long!
    Listening through them is such a mind melting experience.
    I don't smoke pot or stuff like this, but listening through Hate Ashbury in its entirety.....man. The effect must be similar.
  6. MorbidToaster
    It could use a bit more dynamics. I agree it ain't bad already though.
  7. Navybsn
    I know it's probably on the thread somewhere, but OM - Advaitic Songs is great headphone music.

    Not really \m/ metal, but the new Alter Bridge record Fortress is awesome. Tremonti + Kennedy is everything Creed wished it could have been. Tremonti's guitar sound is huge!

    And on the horizon, SunnO))) is collaborating with Ulver. I'm waiting with baited breath.
  8. macrocheesium
    I just listened to this an hour ago! Not as good as the last couple albums, but it's still the best alt metal around.
  9. Accoun
    One of the few things I love, but have mixed feelings about as well. Great album (probably my favourite of 2012), but also kind of a departure from their previous style. Still, as I've said - I love it!
    Not really related, but I just relistened to Ministry's "The Land Of Rape And Honey". My fav of them and IMO one of the best albums ever. :-D

  10. Trogdor
    Alcest premier of Opale Single

    Not sure I'm thrilled or crushed.
  11. campj

    Also be sure to check out Crimson Moonlight, especially the albums Veil of Remembrance and In Depths of Dreams Unconscious... both are brutal blackened death metal. Oh, they have a new release coming up eventually too. They're the best Christian metal band I've heard. Well, Extol is up there too.
  12. Tom Yum Goong
    Looks like they are pulling an Opeth here, if you know what I mean.
    From "Black Gaze" to, well, Shoegaze.
    I like the song, but I'm not really sure if I like this developement.....like I said, reminds me of Opeth and heritage.
  13. suicidal_orange
    I went to my local shop and the only vinyl I could find that I already have on CD to compare is Ulver's latest, War Of The Roses and the CD is already a good master so I'm reluctant to buy it again.
    The only other one that looked tempting is the reissue of ISIS' debut Celestial which has been remastered by James Plotkin - three mentions on Metal-Fi as that being a good thing but another where he produced a brickwalled 7... does anyone know which way he went (or more likely was pushed) with this one?
  14. Extra
    Anyone who hasn't listened to this should really get on it. Tied for my metal AOTY along with Ulcerate's Vermis.
  15. wrathzombie
    Mine, I think would be
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