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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. campj
    I take it back, Sacriphyx – The Western Front isn't worth while. I ignored Antigama for a long time though, and the MS list led me to check them out. That is some fresh sounding grind.
  2. campj

    Like People Magazine for metal? [​IMG]
  3. Fido2

    LOL! Next time I'm in ATX I'm lookin you up toaster!
    So what are u using for a CD player now? Nothing is listed in your profile. If I remember correctly my L'Enfant Sauvage CD was pretty lame on SQ. I'd like to hear some Gojira on vinyl....maybe I'll try some out. I've surely been disappointed A LOT however....
  4. MorbidToaster

    I'm using a late 80s Sony beater I bought at a Goodwill for $12 (can't remember the model # right now). Sounds great. I plan to invest in a universal player (probably Oppo) after I get more live blurays. Audio spending has taken a back burner to tattoo coverage the past 7 months or so.

    I've owned a few CDPs around 2k but reinvested that money in my vinyl rig. Picked up the Sony when I started buying CDs again.

    Gojira's probably my favorite band ever (at least favorite still makin' music) so it's important i have the best from them. Have L'Enfant Sauvage from last year and the recent repressings of Way of All Flesh & From Mars to Sirius, too. Though I haven't compared the repressings to the CDs yet.
  5. Accoun
    Good, good. Really liked Meteor. Hopefully they're gonna play nearby, so I could see them live as well.
  6. campj
    Ha, you're in Poland! Funny coincidence, right?
  7. markm1
    So, one of the genres I enjoy that I don't hear that much about is what I'll call blackened sludge.
    Revisiting a couple ablums I like.Here's two of my recent favorites for good and better.
    Wolvhammer-Obsidian Planes
    from 2011-actually came across this from one of the Metalsucks list...like the mixture of sludge, BM and hardore/curst punk. It wasn't love at first listen-took me a few spins. I really like it now...just like this kind of metal.
    Better: Lord Mantis Pervetor.
    I love this 2012 release-Blackened sludge doesn't quite nail it. Great songwriting, nasty as hell, a little proggy even. Kind of the nasty elements of BM with other bands I like-Neuoris, Converge.
    Few releases in the BM/sludge realm impress me as much as this. More please!
  8. Tom Yum Goong
    Deary me.....

    Metal music video of the year:

    So Japanese Ninja metal is a thing....nice!
    This video is even more cheesy that your average Power Metal video.
    Oh and is it just or does the drummer look like twice as old as the other members?

    Anyway, really mediocre Power Metal song with the most beautiful Metal music video of 2013.
  9. macrocheesium

    I can't believe how bad that was. [​IMG]  Not gonna lie though, I liked the guitar solo.
  10. MorbidToaster

    [excessive heavy breathing]
  11. macrocheesium

    As much as I love that album, the CD already sounds great so it's not that big a of deal... I probably won't be able to resist it anyway.
  12. ferday

    Great stuff! Lord mantis especially, way underrated IMO but also nasty as hell, definitely the grossest parts of DM and BM mixed with doom, sludge and like you said, even a but of prog elements. Love that disc and their first one
  13. Tom Yum Goong
    I would buy this LP only for the stunning artwork:


    The album itself is really awesome too soo....what are you vinyl people waiting for?

  14. suicidal_orange
    How about an artist and album name?  The art looks interesting but it's one of an ever increasing number of embeded youtube videos that aren't working for me [​IMG]
  15. Tom Yum Goong
    I'm a silly goose, sorry :)

    That's the LP version of Bongrippers Hippie Killer!
    The cover was drawn by a dude named Mike Miller.
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