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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. macrocheesium

    Can't wait. I'm definitely going for the vinyl, my Les Voyages LP is really nice. Have you heard the new song yet?

    Something about it is so much... happier.
  2. ferday
    i love that album, if you're a fan you need to have it :wink:
    i'm not super into videos from bands, i haven't seen most band DVD's, i rarely use YouTube and i usually don't acquire limited/special edition records if i already have the original unless there's something i need to have or it's a band i'm obsessed with and i need completion.  The only exception i have is Nirvana LOL, i have every single video that's ever been officially or unofficially released.
    I actually only got Necropolis a couple weeks ago [​IMG] and it's just the normal CD...only one listen but it's classic Vader on first impression.   Vader to me is like the second tier thrash bands that deserve as much or more recognition than the big four superstars but will probably spend their entire career just making solid, no compromises music to a loyal fanbase.  i think i have a couple full lengths left to finish the discography
    and on another note, i personally could care less about Alcest.  Never got it, honestly probably never will
  3. Redcarmoose

    Me too on Alcest.

    Vader has had a lot of different members. Maybe the biggest change was Doc dying from too much drinking. Still they have made one of their strongest line-ups now and the show goes on. For me Necropolis is well recorded, more so than the stuff in the 2000s.

    I am guessing January, February or March for the new record. It may be the best ever!?!

    They are maybe one of the best Death bands but yes, they seem to be under-rated. For many all their music sounds the same due to Peters formula, so either you get into it and start to hear all the wonderful differences or not. They are like Cannible Corpse where you always kind of know what to expect though Morbid Reich was a surprise. Amazing from a band always together from the year 1983!
  4. Tom Yum Goong
    Thanks for posting this here!

    This song is totally how I expect the new album to sound.
    I don't really mind them drifting away even more from their "Black Metal roots" (To me, only their demo can be classified as real Black Metal, so...)
  5. campj

    I thought I was the only one.
  6. 14all41
  7. markm1
    OK-I'll defend Alcest. I like them as a casual fan. I think they have a really interesting, often beautiful sound. But, with three of their releases in my library, I don't feel like I need to rush out and pick up another unless they do something different with their sound. I feel the same way about Jesu.
    I'm not a fan in the sense of buying every release, limited editions, DVDs. But, that's just not the way I consume music.  For any given act, I pretty much just buy a handful of go to CDs, keep an eye out for well received future leases and  call it a day. I'm not one to buy some limited addition thing to get one new track. Maybe that's the difference between owning music vs collecting.  I feel like I've got enough Alcest-their sound sounds fairly uniform to me from release to release-maybe just a little more or less black vocalization. But, you don't go to Alcest because you want something broootal.
    I like them-but don't see a lot of diversity-unlike Neurosis who always have different nuances and changes from album to album. I would pretty much buy any of their releases unless it was totally paned.
  8. Tom Yum Goong
    No need to "defend" them :)
    If the chaps here don't like Alcest, than that's totally fine.

    I personally love Alcest. To me, their music is just pure beauty, sadness and longing in acustic form.

    For example this song always makes me feel like it's summer again:

    I can't really describe why I love them so much....their music just feels right.
  9. macrocheesium
    That's fair. But I think another reason to buy new albums is bands who maintain that same sound but greatly improve it. With Alcest, for example, I think Les Voyages is much better than the other two even though the style is very much the same. If you never buy new albums for certain bands because you've "had enough" of their music, you might be missing out on something that's a lot better than what you have. It's always worth giving the new stuff a try.
  10. markm1
    Absolutely, point taken. I guess we all have bands we follow to the ends of the earth-Neurosis being an example for me. I'm not sure why I have 8 or 9 Motorhead CDs when they all sound pretty much the same...other than I like them.
    There's a good chance I'll end up w/ the new Alcest if I think it's really good. I just meant for my listening, I feel like I've got plenty of their music to digest with other release that hold a bigger interest. Also, just an opinion-but I feel like the "post" genre needs to shaken up a bit. I find myself drawn to  recent works of Cult of Luna, Deafheaven, Altar of Plagues, Horseback, Tombs, etc. Groups that are blending more elements-be it electronic elements, folk/Americana, hardcore or whatever that maybe feel more dynamic are soliciting more repeat plays for me. Or even Godspeed....or The Seer-of course-not metal-but I lump into the same category for me-be it some kind of drone, or post drenched BM that takes some patience and has experimental elements.
    I think it made sense of Isis to break up-they were sort of repeating themselves-even though Oceanic and Panopticon blew my mind when they came out.
    That said, Alcest have created a unique mysterious, beautiful sound as Tom Yum Goong's post reminds me. I need to listen to Les Voyages again....I enjoyed it yet somehow found myself being a little bored at times much the way I felt about the Red Sparowes second release.
  11. macrocheesium
    Yeah, I would agree with that. Most post-rock bands sound exactly the same. I think a lot of bands have been trying to shake it up lately, though. On Bandcamp there seems to be a recent post-black metal trend, and while there's a lot of generic crap I've heard some promising new music come of it.
    Also agreed. The first time I heard Les Voyages I had my eyes closed for most of it and couldn't remember much when it was over. It just immediately put me into this trance-like mood, and it's only one of a few albums that has been able to create that.
  12. campj

    I wish Horseback tone down on the electronic noise a little. Sure, A Plague of Knowing is three hours long, but the last two songs take up an entire hour and it's just noise. The American folk-black metal is why I buy Horseback. I suppose the dirty electronic noises are awesome in moderation, especially when they act as undertones, but a 40 minute long song of just static? C'mon now.

    Panopticon is where it's at when it comes to American folk metal. I'm really stoked about the upcoming album.

  13. Tom Yum Goong
    +10 to everything you wrote there :wink:
  14. markm1
    I'm looking forward to checking them out.
    On the day after Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all of you on this thread that hip me to new stuff. I'm just a middle aged family guy that still likes heavy music. But, I'm years from any scene going to shows and being in the trenches like you all. I do love learning and listening to new stuff that I find exciting. Thanks guys for keeping me in the loop.
    Folk metal sounds is an interesting trend. I have yet to find an album that does it as well as The Mantle.
    Of course, you could do like I do. I just bought a bunch of classic Bob Dylan.  I'll digitize Dylan and him on a playlist with  some BM and hit shuffle. Done.
    Oh, but you want folk and metal in the same song. Yeah-that will take some editing [​IMG]
    Maybe Dylan would do something like Lou Reed, but hopefully not with Metallica.
  15. campj
    Bob Dylan and Burzum made an album together. VargVarg. I am the curtains.

    Panopticon did a really good split with Vestiges that can be downloaded for free. Check out Panopticon's drumming on the last track! It's definitely my favorite song on the split.

    Lulu was the most entertaining release of 2011. I never laughed so hard at a review in my life!

    edit: I need to listen to The Mantle. I've never really heard Agalloch before. Thanks for the tip.
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