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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. MorbidToaster

    Antares is my favorite Sybreed album. The spacey industrial undertones in that album do it for me.

    Also, I'd take a 598 over a Grado anyday. It's one of my favorite headphones.
  2. suicidal_orange
    Hmm... There are some bands (usually those who get big enough to briefly enter the charts) for whom the first album is the best but seems Sybreed just get better.  Not sure I'm supposed to buy all my Christmas presents and sell them to my relatives to wrap but that seems to be the way this year's going so might have to buy another Sybreed album or two to add to my collection.  Amazon wishlists and the like are too technical for my family [​IMG] 
  3. Redcarmoose
    Don't get me started on Vader. They are the workhorse band of Death. Actually that song is a rerecording in a huge double CD they did of all new rerecordings of their old stuff. In reality it's the only release they put out in the last 10 years that was weak. Somehow the rerecordings did not contain the energy of the originals. So don't buy it. Though that particular song is super cool.
    I could write pages about Vader but still there are more people who know more about them. Many of us here choose their last album as album of the year. The good news is they are coming out with a new album soon.
    This was the giant 2CD, 1DVD set they came out with in 2008. Carnal is a great 2.00 minute rerecording on the release but sadly the rest of the songs did not hold the energy of their original release. A greatest hits of the original songs would have been better. The other issue with Vader is they still have all the attributes of an underground death metal band. They put out really limited EPs all the time which in turn makes it hard to collect their original catalog in complete form. It is almost impossible. Just another element adding to the mystique of Vader.
    Live in DecayDemo1986 
    NecrolustDemo19891 (70%)
    Vader / Unborn / Armagedon / Violent DirgeSplit1990 
    Morbid ReichDemo19902 (85%)
    The Ultimate IncantationFull-length19925 (85%)
    The Darkest AgeLive album19941 (71%)
    SothisEP19943 (84%)
    De ProfundisFull-length19956 (85%)
    An Act of Darkness / I.F.Y.Single1995 
    Reborn in ChaosCompilation19962 (74%)
    Future of the PastFull-length19963 (86%)
    Carnal / Black to the BlindSingle1997 
    Black to the BlindFull-length19975 (82%)
    KingdomEP19982 (73%)
    Live in JapanLive album19982 (97%)
    More Vision and the VoiceVideo/VHS19981 (94%)
    Xeper / NorthSingle2000 
    LitanyFull-length200013 (92%)
    Reign Forever WorldEP20014 (85%)
    Angel of DeathSingle20021 (85%)
    RevelationsFull-length20028 (82%)
    BloodEP20036 (88%)
    Beware the BeastSingle2004 
    The BeastFull-length20048 (73%)
    Night of the ApocalypseDVD2004 
    The Art of WarEP200513 (87%)
    Impressions in BloodFull-length20069 (86%)
    And Blood Was Shed in WarsawDVD20071 (83%)
    Lead Us!!!EP20082 (51%)
    The Upcoming ChaosEP2008 
    XXVFull-length20083 (70%)
    We Are the HordeSingle2009 
    NecropolisFull-length20097 (77%)
    Nile / VaderSplit2009 
    Come and See My SacrificeSingle2011 
    Decapitated SaintsSingle2011 
    Welcome to the Morbid ReichFull-length20119 (91%)

  4. Angelbelow
    Haven't listened to synced since Antares. Going to check out the new albums sooon
  5. campj

    Yeah, Eye of Solitude is awesome! Their new album is high on my must get list. You can listen to the whole thing over on Kaotoxin Records' Bandcamp.

    Oh, I'm pretty sure it's death/doom btw.
  6. macrocheesium

    Thanks! I searched for a Bandcamp site before and nothing turned up. It doesn't sound much like death metal to me except for the section around 7min, but I've only heard that one song.
  7. markm1
  8. Redcarmoose
    Their most over-rated album.
    Their first album.
    My personal favorite for years and years.
    My second personal favorite.
    Their latest album. Pure Gold.
    Their most under-rated album.
    Their catalog goes on and on. The EPs are almost like full albums at times so don't forget them.
  9. campj

    Not sure if you've found it yet, but here you go:
    Listen to the first song from 5:18 to about 7mins and you'll see why it's death/doom. 
  10. markm1
    Sweet! Thanks [​IMG]
  11. ferday
    Love Vader!  my favorites are de profundis and black to the blind, although i was very impressed with morbid reich...they really are the workhorse band in death with a very strong catalog and a Vader sound that they have remained very faithful to while experimenting enough to keep every album fresh.  good rec for those who don't know!
  12. Fido2

    I listened to Antares today and yes it is a great record. Lots of great energy on there and that spacey doomy synthesizer vibe is killer. But for some reason it gets distracting after about track 7....whereas their 2 latest albums keep me focused and grooving through the whole album....they have a great flow and cohesion....they're epic in their entirety not just a collection of songs. just my dumbass opinion...lol
  13. Tom Yum Goong
    Am I the only one who is super excited for the new Alcest album? :)


    Already pre-ordered my 2 CD+Book+T-Shirt bundle!
    I hope the book is as great as the one I got with their last album.
  14. Trogdor

    Waiting with baited breath for the promo.

    New Hail Spirit Noir just dropped....I loved their first one.
  15. Redcarmoose
    Black To The Blind is one of the two full albums I don't own on CD. I will have to get it. I hope they come out with a new live DVD. The new band is great, all new members but Peter. Have you seen the short DVD that came with the limited edition of Necropolis? The band now is great live.
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