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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. campj

    I totally agree. The Grado SR325is were WAY too harsh sounding to turn up the volume (something I'm prone to do). I had some Ultrasone HFI2400, and the mids were too recessed and the highs were piercing... no bueno.

    I've found the 'mellower' Sennheiser sound is quite a bit better for my tastes, but I also enjoy DT770 with metal. I had to tone down the bass some though. They don't sound fantastic (really grainy mids and highs, and highs sound pretty artificial), but they do the job. I'll be glad to upgrade whent the time comes :)
  2. campj

    Who is this? Youtube is blocked on my network.

    Also, what style of metal is Requiem? I've never heard of them. The cover art looks like it was done by the same guy who used to do Suffocation's and Decrepit Birth's cover art, so, uh, I imagine it's good. :)
  3. Fido2
    This may have been covered already but Sybreed is a fantastic band.  They only have 4 studio albums and I bought em all. Also Heaven Shall Burn's new album "Veto" is badass as well. Six Feet Under's new album "Unborn" is likewise killer! Check em out.
    Anybody seen any good shows lately? Ive seen High on Fire with Kvelertak, Kreator with Overkill, Iron Maiden with Megadeth and Rob Zombie with Korn all in the past month or so! Wear your Hearo's earplugs and you wont need hearing aids when u get to my age...LOL
  4. Redcarmoose

    Yes, Requiem is fantastic, the cover does look like an album cover by Dan Seagrave who did Suffocations art. Even if you don't have YouTube there is a link on the post to the band page on Encyclopedia Metalium. They are a little known band that makes great new Death Metal which is fresh sounding still using the basic ideas that bands like Vader use. Maybe a little basic at times but that makes Requiem all the more easy to get into. I haven't checked but I bet they have a MySpace page where you could hear their tunes.:beerchug:

    There are a ton of bands called Requiem so make sure you find Swiss Requiem.

    Vader is the video I posted just as an example of blasts done right.
  5. campj
    Cool, thanks for that. I will check them out. I kind of dig more complicated death metal, but some old school sounds are nice from time to time.

    You seem well versed in metal. Ever listen to Martyr? One of the most underrated tech death bands around. I can't embed anything, so here are a couple links:

    Lost In Sanity

    I can't find a video of the song Nameless, Faceless, Neverborn, but this dude's guitar cover of it is good:
  6. Redcarmoose

    Yes, thanks, amazing how that guy learned such a technical guitar song with the tabs Martyr released. Not sure if I like the vocals but it may take some time. Usually vocals are hard at times to get into with a new band, then later they sink in.
  7. Fido2
    Hey redcarmooseknuckle.....is this your job or something?  you're on here like 24 hours a day. LMAO....the dhali lama of metal.....haaahahaa!
  8. macrocheesium

    I thought it worked well in that instance. I know what you mean, it is kind of jarring and I've heard it stick out badly at times too, but not there.
  9. Redcarmoose

    Yep, I am on here a lot. What can I say, I love metal.
  10. wrathzombie
    [​IMG]My 6000th post right here.
    You Go Girl!!!!!
  11. suicidal_orange
    I bought God Is An Automaton in my local shop because I liked the cover [​IMG]
    I've made some good finds this way and this is one of them, but I've also bought some crap so can't say I recommend it.  How different are their other albums and in what way(s)?
  12. Fido2
    I listen to quite a bit of metal and other types of music and I'm always looking for something special. So much music of a certain genre sounds the same. Sybreed is so different yet so darn good. It's heavy and head bangy, it's melodic but in a very exquisite way not in a cheesy way like a lot of melodic metal at the moment. Vocals can go from evil and dark to beautifully melodic...it's a musical adventure with these guys. Their albums are like masterpieces or symphonies almost....they have a musical theme that they keep coming back to.....they never get old.
    My two favorites are The Pulse of the Awakening and God is an Automaton. If you like GIAA you like Pulse of the Awakening no doubt. The other two albums are very good as well but not quite as "cohesive" as the last two. IMO
  13. Angelbelow
    There was certainly a period of time when I really got annoyed by blast beats as well. But I've grown quite accustomed to them and even find them quite exciting now.
  14. macrocheesium
    Okay, this is just fantastic. I'm not sure what you would call it, some variation of doom. In any case, both the clean and demonic vocals are great. 

    I hope the rest of the album is this good.
    Eye of Solitude
  15. markm1
    Somehow, I never listened to Vader....that was awesome.
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