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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. Tom Yum Goong
    I like Dimensional Bleedthrough more :3
  2. Trogdor

    Same. But Kraillice is tops.
  3. wrathzombie
    I am not sure, if this is the answer you are looking for but I have heard many albums which have given me a similar experience in the recent past. And yes, Krallice - Years Past Matter was also part of the list at one time.
    Warning: They are not exactly like Krallice though.
     - Beyond Creation - The Aura
     - Nami - Fragile Elements
    -  Jesu - Conqueror
    - Sleep - Dopesmoker
    - Deafheaven - Sunbather
    - Ulcerate - The Destroyer Of All
    - Fallujah - The Harvest Wombs
    - Aquilius - Greisus
    - Horseback - Impale Golden Horn
    - Sailow With Wax Wings - Sailor With Wax Wings 
    And this song, reminds me of Krallice every time I hear it:

  4. modulor
    Agreed - I still think I like their S/T release best, but there's a lot of excellent cohesion, maturity and musicianship on in Years Past Matter that isn't quite found on the previous albums.  It's very intricate and lush, and yet retains a very complete feel.  Krallice is definitely one of those bands where you can listen to one of their songs or albums several times over and still find new and interesting things tucked away, even years later.
  5. keepitsimple

  6. macrocheesium

    That was an interesting listen. I liked the female vocals a lot. The section starting at 6min on the last track is amazing.
  7. Angelbelow
    Too much good stuff in this thread but will add it to my queue of albums! Always wanted to check out Krallice but never had the time to commit. This post sounds like a pretty good reason to check them out soon.
  8. Tom Yum Goong
    Absolutely :)
    I also really like Wrinkle Maze and the first track with the piano.
  9. wrathzombie
  10. Tom Yum Goong
    So do I!
    Pre-ordered it like a month ago.

    Lord Tim (what a name...) is also working hard on releasing the new Woods of Desolation album :wink:
  11. markm1
    I like most of the bands listed. I think I like intelligent metal. I've always had trouble with Krallice. I have their first release. I feel like I appreciate the complexity, but it's pretty dense for me sit through. And, I like all kinds of weird schiit.
  12. Tom Yum Goong
    Yeah, I like Krallice, but sitting through one entire album is challenging.

    80 minutes of Bongripper on the other hand...no problemo :)

  13. markm1
    Cool sounding stuff. Ambient industrial stoner drone, er or something? New genre for me.
    Now, I have some Bongzilla-one of me less intelligent one dimensional bands...but they have a certain charm and thematic focus..... but this is a lot more interesting which makes me wonder how many bands can there be with the name bong [​IMG]
    Then, of course, all the album titles with the word dope...Dopetrhone, Dopesmoker......hmmmm
  14. Trogdor


    Enjoy! (big WoD fan here)
  15. 7S Cameron
    Wow, I think I like it. You have just shown me the first black metal song I can actually enjoy. The mixing is throwing me off a little bit, but it's very interesting.
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