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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. Accoun
    Not gonna lie, I don't usually visit blogs (hell, Metal-fi is the only music blog I read and that's because of this thread), so as an ignorant on that matter, I'll only say: congrats on spreading out the message more! :wink:
  2. wrathzombie

    Trogdor I forgot to congratulate you initially because I forgot what your profile name was.. Lol

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  3. Trogdor

    Not a problem, just keep reading! :)
  4. suicidal_orange
    Wow, you're both active in this thread?  I read through your discussion with the mastering guy about the (then?) upcoming album from [band also forgotten - it's on my other computer to check out later [​IMG]] and at the end there is mention of a vinyl version of Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side.  Looking at the dynamic range db site it seems that this was a limited run of 2000, so no doubt long sold out.  This only leaves me with the option of downloading a vinyl rip (my conscience would be clear - I bought the CD) but it got me thinking. 
    If I buy the poorly mastered CD I'm not voting with my wallet, but if they only release good masters on limited edition vinyl what choice do I have?  This probably isn't the right thread for this...
  5. MorbidToaster
    Few beers for lunch and some saxaphone.
  6. Accoun
    Thanks for reminding me. I haven't listened to it yet, same with Anno Domini High Definition.
    Even worse, since I probably have them at home(!).
    And gratz for the autographed vinyl. :)
  7. markm1
    That is great. Congratulations for joining a blog many of us check out. You guys have helped educate me about this issue. I think the first I remember reading about a "loud" album was Death Magnetic. It was too loud. What the hell does that mean?!
     When I first heard loud, I was like, "what do you mean loud?  Metal is supposed to be loud, and isn't  loud about me turning a nob on my equipment.......anything can be soft or loud depending on how loud I fxxxxxg listen to it...".
    but now I'm starting to get it-emphasizing certain sounds, sacrificing the range of sounds, etc. Thanks for cluing me in.
    I just bought Zeppelin's remastered compilation Mothership. I compared it to older CDs I have (some 90's remasters, some studio CDs-Houses of the Holy) and it sounds a lot better to me. But, after reading the article in the AMG post I wonder-if it's just louder and my ears initially perceive it to be better. All I can say, to my ears over speakers and HP's, it sounds more spacious, open and clearer. My older recordings almost have a background noise-they sound muddy in comparison.
  8. Trogdor

    Hey not a problem, all I ask you guys is to continue to read and contribute. We are on to something!
  9. macrocheesium

    Probably not. You've got the volume control, so it's likely to be the same volume for you when listening to either master, unless you literally have your amp at maximum volume with the old one and it's still not loud enough. Remasters can sound better... but most of the time that's not the case.
  10. markm1
    Interesting...is that a statement relative to metal...or remasters across the board?  I've purchased some of the remastered Beatles and Pink Floyd's remastered Wish You Were Here and they both sound better to me. But, if it's placebo, I have no desire to throw my money away. I think the Beatles remastered stuff which came out with a lot of hoopla a few years ago w/ a decent sound system is quite noticeably better...probably the most dramatic I've heard. Not come to Jesus better....but side by side-clearly better sound.
  11. macrocheesium

    Dynamic compression is a lot more noticeable with metal, for sure. If you turned the gain up on a Beatles song and some brutal metal with double bass drums, you'd immediately notice the metal track being held back. The Beatles would be much harder to hear by comparison.
    That's just one piece of the puzzle, though. I'd take a partly brickwalled master with great instrument balance over a dynamic master with a nasty upper-mid peak any day.
  12. Tom Yum Goong
    I love everything Nobuo Uematsu ever composed.
    So it's just logical that I also love his band (that is not that "metal" but I couldn't care less)

  13. wrathzombie

    I am just glad to know about the entire loudness war deal. Everyday I understand things a little better. In simple terms I am able to hear what loud means compared to a good sound. I also think metal is more affected by low Dr/loudness compared to other genres, which is sad..

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  14. Tom Yum Goong
    Okay okay, here is a more thread-friendly version of the same glorious song ♥

  15. markm1
    Yeah-I'm just getting a handle on it. I don't pretend to have golden hears, and I'm tech...uh, un-savvy...but I think back to an art class I took in college and the professor said...please don't tell me you don't know what good art is....you know what you like, and that's good art.
    That said, not to beat the classic hard rock with a dead horse since this is a metal thread....but when I replaced Floyd's Wish You Were Here (from an old 80's master), and replaced The Beatles White Album (also with an old 80's version) and today with the 2007 remaster of some Led Zep songs vs the 90's remastered...it sounded kind of like going from low fi to medium fi speakers or listening to a PC and then adding a decent DAC....the fog just kind of lifted, and everything was clean sounding....a little like adding a HP amp to my Grado HP's....I can play them through my stereo source components just fine and the sound is fine....but my Schiit amp just kind of open things and cleans things up to my ears.
    And as I stated before-the one remaster that really made me think-"wow-that is way better sounding"-was the Beatles. I have these old, probably orginal CD's back from the 80's that are pretty much crap compared to what the Abbey Road team did with the newer stuff.
    I'd be curious if some classic proto metal like Sabbath has had the same treatment. Lord knows some old 80's hardcore could use some SQ help...but the original recordings were usually really bad.
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